Harvest Pajama Collection 🍎

Look no further for cozy PJs for your Hazel Village friends. This Thursday, October 28th at 1 PM ET, we'll be launching three new rompers with illustrations by Kirsten of Shop Pudge. Bonus: the animals have three nifty new hand-knit socks to accompany their harvest pajamas. What an excellent touch!

There will be a limit of 2 on each of the rompers, and a limit of 1 on each of the knit socks!

Bird Parade PJ Romper - $14

Bountiful Mushroom PJ Romper - $14

Apples and Pears PJ Romper - $14

Cozy Mushroom Socks - $12

Feathery Frill Socks - $12

Harvest Gold Pom Pom Socks - $12