Forest Flowers Collection


Forest flowers! Friends, these spring ephemeral inspired costumes launch Tuesday, March 8th at 1 PM ET. There is a limit of 2 of product per household for this launch 🌸

Take a peek at the full collection below:

Snowdrop Bonnet – $14


Darling white satin hat looks just like a perky white snowdrop peeking through the late snow on the forest floor. White satin outside, green linen ties, lining, and bauble on top. How fresh and fetching! 


Pepper Root Blouse – $12

Pepper Root, aka crow’s toes, blooms on the forest floor before the leaves come out on the trees. You might miss it if you weren’t looking carefully! Its tiny white flower and three-pointed leaf are the inspiration for this stylish blouse for your Hazel Village dolls and animals. Expertly crafted colorblock piecing on the front with dark green crepe satin and sage green linen; real silk ribbon detail at the front collar. Velcro back closure. 


Fairy Spud Gown – $18

This dress is inspired by Virginia Spring Beauty, a wildflower whose cutest name is “fairy spud.” So named because of the tiny potato-looking tubers on its roots. Green satin bodice; five petals on the skirt made from pink linen-weave cotton and lined with matching satin. Raspberry colored silky tassels around the waist at each petal. Velcro back closure. Just a springtime dream!


Dutchmen's Breeches Breeches – $14

When the animals learned about the cute spring wildflower named Dutchman’s Breeches, naturally they started asking the tough and obvious question: where are our breeches? They set to work. Many versions later, they said “Eureka!” and started strutting around in these jaunty numbers. Wooly warm white fabric provides the distinctive structure. Meanwhile, a lot is going on around the waist with gold lamé binding and straps; distinguished gold panniers at the hips; and warm golden brown fringe across the front. Velcro back closure; will fit any doll or animal. What dazzling fashions, animals! Fierce! 

Shop the collection on Tuesday HERE!