Butterfly Wings

Splendiferous news: three pairs of butterfly wings for your woodland friends will be arriving on Wednesday, June 7th at 1PM ET!

In early summer when the milkweeds bloom, the animals dress up like butterflies to welcome their pollinating friends. Sometimes they give a grand performance of their best flitting and fluttering. Other times they promenade through the meadows, and wave hello to the butterflies as they emerge from their cocoons and fly to the milkweed plants to eat. The animals highly recommend planting some milkweeds in your garden to feed the butterflies around you!

The workshop we partner with in Colombia used a very cool printing technique for these butterfly wings. Jane’s artwork was digitally printed onto paper, which allowed us to print precisely as many wings as we needed to avoid waste. The printed paper was then heat-pressed onto fabric. The special ink they use for this process transfers all the color to the fabric, but leaves a ghost of the image, like a carbon copy, on the paper. The team then took this leftover paper and made it into notebooks like the one pictured below. Thrifty! 

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Read on for the details of these delightful wings! 🦋✨


Monarch Butterfly Wings for Dolls - $22
Limit of 2 per household

The animals say the Monarch is the queen of the butterflies! Dazzling wings feature Jane’s original artwork printed on both sides and are quilted with decorative stitching. Elastic arm bands at the shoulder and wrist make a snug fit so the animals can do athletic flaps and twirls during their butterfly dances. Nicholas Bear Cub tells us that when he wears these wings, he likes to think like a butterfly. Mostly he thinks about how sweet the milkweeds smell in the summer breezes.


Swallowtail Butterfly Wings for Dolls - $22
Limit of 2 per household

Bewitching! Stripey! Stupendous! According to the animals, these Swallowtail butterfly wings are all that and more. Wings feature Jane’s original artwork printed on both sides and are quilted with decorative stitching. Elastic arm bands at the shoulder and wrist are nice and snug for the animals’ energetic butterfly dance moves. Jeremy Owl observes, “The Swallowtail is the tiger of butterflies, due to its stripes.” Very wise.


Little Cabbagewhite Wings for Dolls - $16
Limit of 2 per household

Simply the sweetest little wings! Annicke Mouse tells us that they don’t look anything like cabbage, but they are called that because these butterflies love eating cabbage when they are caterpillars. She says she likes eating cabbage too, so it’s a good fit for her. Printed on both sides with Jane’s original artwork and quilted with decorative stitching in pale green. Elastic shoulder bands fit any Hazel Village doll or animal, so these wings can easily be added to any outfit whenever one wants to celebrate butterflies.
 Shop these butterfly wings this Wednesday, June 7th at 1PM ET! 🦋