Dance of the Butterflies


Splendiferous news! The woodland friends of Hazel Village have been practicing their best flitting and fluttering for their upcoming performance of the Dance of the Butterflies. Naturally, they needed to make the perfect butterfly costumes! 🦋

This collection will be launching on Tuesday September 27th at 1pm Eastern. There is a limit of 2 of each item per household. Read on for details!



Butterfly Dance Suit Set - $28

Limit of 2

"Powerful and essential, yet ephemeral!" That's what Lucy Owl said when she saw the other animals' base layers for Dance of the Butterflies. Maybe she got a little carried away. But they're very nice... Suit is black linen with a brown iridescent silky tummy. Bonnet is made from the same iridescent fabric, and features antennae and a cute widow's peak detail in front. This ensemble is designed to go with all the styles of butterfly wings, and really ties everything together for the animals' performance.




Red Spotted Purple Butterfly Wings - $20

Limit of 2

Lucas Rabbit points out that these butterfly wings are actually more blue and red, and actually not much purple. He's absolutely right; we can't tell you why this butterfly got its name. But there you have it. We think the animals look pretty fetching anyway, wearing these wings and flapping around in their dance performance. Satin wings have Jane's original artwork printed on them, then they're quilted onto a light blue cotton backing and finished with elastic arm bands. They'll fit any Hazel Village doll or animal who wants to celebrate butterflies.






Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly Wings - $20

Limit of 2

Dreamy lemony yellows and greens grace these butterfly wings - a very welcome addition to the animals' Dance of the Butterflies. Jane's original art is printed onto shimmering satin wings, then quilted onto a cotton backing and finished with elastic arm bands. We think a woodland animal flapping around in this would look just like a ray of sunshine!





Monarch Butterfly Wings - $20

Limit of 2 

Of course, what Dance of the Butterflies would be complete without the Monarch, queen of the butterflies? Jane's original art is printed onto satin wings, then quilted to a cotton backing and finished with elastic arm bands so the animals can do athletic flaps and twirls during their performance. Bewitching!


"Chomper" Mini Caterpillar - $16

Limit of 2

This little guy is the star of the Dance of the Butterflies, because the animals are always so happy to see monarch caterpillars. So they hold up Chomper in the center of the dance, and flap their butterfly wings around him, and offer him symbolic bites of milkweed. Because milkweed is the only thing that monarch caterpillars will eat. Chomper is made with care from delicate stripes of black, white, and orange organic fleece, complete with teeny black legs and teeny antennae. One of the cuter caterpillars we have seen lately.