Arthur's Egg Day Collection

Arthur's Egg Day Collection is coming this Monday, March 11th at 1PM ET! 

The animals are so excited to celebrate Egg Day! As one half of this year's Egg Day Bunny team (his co-Bunny being Marnie Chicken), Arthur Lamb wanted to share all his favorite outfits and toys for spring. This collection includes a special edition Liberty-ear Arthur, two new pieces of doll clothing, two dress-up sets, one accessory, and three new mini animals. What charmingly eclectic tastes you have, Arthur! 

Arthur Lamb Special Edition – $54
Limit of 2 per household 

In the meadow full of tasty green grass, Arthur Lamb shares his toys and plays nicely with his friends Lucas and Puffy: kites, tag, and Baa-Ball. He snacks on grass and bonbons whenever he gets hungry.

Special Edition Arthur features Liberty of London ear linings: a beautiful print of delicate flowers and trailing leaves in the soft greens, blues, and yellows of a spring meadow under dappled sunlight.



Velvet Overalls for Dolls  – $14
Limit of 2 per household

Arthur says these overalls remind him of a mossy pebble, because they are gray and fuzzy-soft. How nice! Warm gray velvet suspender overalls, gathered at the waistband to make a cute rounded shape. Two leafy green linen patch pockets are perfect for stashing tiny trinkets. Velcro back closure, with an overlap for your animal’s tail to stick out. Will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal.

These velvet overalls will be Special Edition Arthur's default outfit on our site. 

Springtime Play Shirt for Dolls – $12
Limit of 2 per household

Arthur likes to wear this shirt when he plays Baa-Ball in the meadow with his friend Lucas Rabbit. It features a wide white bib and is screen-printed by hand in sage green with a cute geometric print. Made from finely woven cotton with a velcro back closure, and will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal. Inspired by the sailor shirt that Arthur wore when he first arrived at Hazel Village back in 2022!


Chicory Necktie for Dolls – $12
Limit of 2 per household

Chicory is Arthur Lamb’s favorite snack! He says it is quite tasty and keeps him feeling fit as a fiddle. Its distinctive blue flower and spiky leaves are captured here in the finest hand-loomed silk, with hand-embroidered accent stitching and a real shell button. Handmade in Cambodia, and may be worn by any Hazel Village friend who wishes to don a dandy accessory.

Puddle Stompin’ Set for Dolls – $28
Limit of 2 per household

Ideal attire for all rainy-day activities, such as splashing around in puddles and looking for snails in the garden. Made from water-resistant waxed cotton canvas in a cheerful bright yellow. Set includes:

  • A raincoat with a classic collar, shell buttons, and two extra-roomy patch pockets
  • A rain hat with cotton-lined brim and cotton twill tape which ties under your animal’s chin
  • A pair of rain booties with brown suede soles

Handmade in Colombia to fit any Hazel Village doll or animal.

Chickadee Costume Set for Dolls – $32
Limit of 2 per household

Arthur Lamb can often be found jumping around in his chickadee costume in the springtime. He reminds us that it’s not enough to just wear the suit – you have to also flap your arms and practice your best “Chickadee-dee-dee!” sounds. Noted. Set includes:

  • A delightfully huge chickadee bonnet made from black and white linen, crafted with soft padding to add structure. Hand-stitched eyes, gray linen beak, mustard linen ties.
  • A black wool vest with pale yellow color blocking in front, suggesting the round tummy of a chickadee. Attached set of wings on the back, made from a lovely yarn-dyed flax cotton stripe. Hook and eye front closure.

This would be an excellent costume for the Bird Parade North, to welcome home migrating friends. Costume will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal, and is handmade by our talented artisan partners in Cambodia.

Mini Chickadee – $18
Limit of 2 per household

The animals love this tiny chickadee dolly because she reminds them of their bird friends who perch in the Present Tree. Annicke Mouse named her Brambley, and says she is the perfect companion for long trail walks. She is made from black, white, and gray organic cotton fleece, with a cute round tummy in pale yellow. Her striped wings are a lovely yarn-dyed flax cotton. Handmade by our artisan partner in Cambodia.

Mini Snail – $18
Limit of 2 per household

Reginald Fox says his snail dolly is the perfect buddy for watering the Village garden in the mornings. He tells us its name is Snaily – quite apt. Snaily is made from tan organic cotton, and has a big spiral shell made from yarn-dyed flax cotton stripe. In reality snails’ eyes are at the tips of their tentacles, but we decided to give Snaily hand-embroidered eyes on his face because he is simply much cuter that way. Lovingly handmade by our artisan partners in Cambodia.

*Orders with mini snail may be delayed in shipping out. Thank you for understanding 🐌♥️*

Mini Fish – $18
Limit of 2 per household

Arthur Lamb calls his tiny fish dolly Flicker. Flicker is a shad, which the animals celebrate with the Shad Festival every spring by making beautiful shad banners to hang out in front of their houses and on trees. The banners billow in the spring breezes, and inspire the shad to swim up their stream.

Hand-embroidered with accent spots along the spine, white gills at the neck, and a rainbow of stripes like the iridescent shimmer of scales. Sustainably made from our extra scraps of beautiful pale green hand-loomed silk. The elegant fins are a yarn-dyed flax cotton stripe. All in all, we think Flicker is quite a special little fish! Expertly handcrafted by our talented artisan partners in Cambodia.



Shop this collection on Monday, March 11th at 1PM ET!