The Hazel Village Guide to the Best Baby Gifts

Feathers Swaddle Matching Outfit Bundle

We've been helping people shop for new baby gifts for a while now. We find that while some folks know exactly what they want to give a newborn, other folks are going to a baby shower and are totally stumped about what would be best. Like, deer-in-the-headlights stumped. We get it, it can be overwhelming! And a lot of people worry that they don't know much about babies and what they will like. 

First things first: babies like you to make funny faces at them. And they like things they can grab and gnaw on. Our dolls and animals are all perfect for babies: they're organic, ethically made, and safe for all ages. Bonus: our animals' arms and legs are the perfect size to be grabbed and gnawed upon. And you can't find our products just anywhere. So stick with us and you can't go too wrong!

To help you out, we made this section on our site with some of our favorite and most popular new baby gifts. Pick something from here, and you can't go wrong! We dare say, you might win the baby shower. Not that they have winners; they are supposed to be more collaborative than that. But still. If you want to make a more considered choice, read on...


Feather Swaddle set

This Feathers Swaddle set is perfect if you're choosing something for a family who isn't finding out a baby's sex before it's born, or they aren't telling, or they aren't super into gender. The set comes with the extremely cute animal of your choice (we love Jeremy Owl, pictured, but Owen Fox is a winner too, or pick your favorite) and an organic cotton swaddle blanket, custom printed with a feather pattern. It's nice to give something practical (blanket) along with something more cute than practical (animal). And this gift is perfect for any size of newborn and any time of year.


Girl gifts

Emma Rabbit and Phoebe Fawn have sweet girly details, paired with modern neutral tones of ivory and terra cotta that will look good in any nursery. Impossible to hate! If you want to add a more practical component to the gift, we recommend our organic Nuts and Berries Swaddle.


Zoe Rabbit and linen dress

Consider Zoe Rabbit, wearing a flower crown and linen doll dress in snowy white, paired with our white linen dress for babies. A beautiful classic, with cute pink details on Zoe's crown and ears. The dress is perfect for dressy baby occasions like christenings or naming ceremonies. Size 3-6 months is a safe bet for the dress to fit most newborns. You can size up or down if you expect the baby to be bigger or smaller than average.


Cozy Lodge Set

May we recommend this ridiculously cute Cozy Lodge set with Nicholas Bear Cub, a striped suit for Nicholas, and a matching striped footie suit for a baby. These suits run a little long, so we recommend size 0-3 months for small to average newborns, and 3-6 months to be on the safe side for bigger babies.

We always ship your orders with beautiful gift wrapping, hand-written gift messages if you specify that, and pricing omitted from the package. Like we said, the perfect gift! 

Check out the new baby gifts section to see all of these. And If you're still having trouble deciding or you have any more questions, contact us anytime and we will be happy to help. 

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