May: A Month of Phoebe Fawn

Friends, thank you for helping us highlight Hazel Village's resident conductor, Phoebe Fawn. As you may know, a certain raccoon girl has been observing her friend Phoebe Fawn because, she says, it is Phoebe’s Month. Here are her field notes - or as we'll call them, Phoebe Facts:

  1. Phoebe’s favorite color is purple. Gwendolyn saw her looking at all the flowers of May and only picking purple ones for a bouquet. Another clue was that she tied them with a purple ribbon.
  2. She sings and hums songs all the time. Sometimes she waves her hooves like she’s conducting the orchestra, even if she’s by herself.
  3. She likes to eat lemon shortbread cookies.  She shared them with Gwendolyn.
  4. She makes a list of which songs to do at choir next week. The list is tacked to the wall next to her front door, and she works on it all week.
  5. Her favorite flower is the moonflower, which blooms at dusk and has a sweet scent.
  6. When she goes on summertime boat rides with the other animals, she toots her pan flute and appreciates how far the sound carries across the lake.
  7. Her favorite berry is the Juneberry.
  8. Juliette Rabbit is Phoebe Fawn's best friend. When they're together at Juliette's house, they look through and admire Juliette's collection of old encyclopedias. Juliette is also first to hear any of Phoebe's latest compositions. 
  9. Phoebe Fawn's favorite treats are walnut chewies.
  10. You may have noticed Phoebe Fawn's house is further from some of the residents of Hazel Village. She loves the stillness and that she can hear the birds perfectly, and she won’t wake up the other animals when she practices pan flute or singing. Her home is also near the animals’ guest house, so often she can get to know a new friend. As they say, “If you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can sing.”
  11. Phoebe's morning routine consists of her waking up when the sun shines in her window. She'll sing a little duet with the birds’ wake up song, and eat some breakfast, which depends what is in season and what is in the cupboard, but might include milk, scones, spring water, pickles, jam, berries. She checks if Oliver put up the weather flags yet so she can know how to get dressed, then gets her pack basket and go to work in the orchard or garden, or sometimes she has a play date.
  12. Phoebe has a really pretty hat that she wears when she’s composing new songs. She says, “This is my thinking cap.” 

We're delighted to have brought Phoebe Fawn's thinking cap to life this month in Phoebe Fawn's Meadow Music Set. You can shop the set now to celebrate our deer friend, and practice some meadow melodies.

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