Happy May Day from the Hazel Village Animals!

Illustration of Hazel Village animals celebrating May Day

On the first day of May, the animals like to appreciate how green the forest is becoming. They sing May Day songs and do May Day dances, using Emma Rabbit's special May Day ribbons. 

As you can see, Emma and Penelope, the rabbit twins, are dressed in what they're calling "matching frocks." The only way you can tell them apart is that Emma is holding the pink ribbon and Penelope is holding the purple ribbon. Some bunnies just really love pink and purple.

As the animals scamper around in their special May Day dance, Max Raccoon says he's "quite mesmerized" by the way the ribbons weave together around the Maypole. We agree - it's very cool!

Celebrate with the animals by getting your own perfect May Day outfit. Emma and Penelope are wearing the tea party dress in sugar flowers, while Max is wearing overalls and a dapper bow tie. All of these outfits have matching versions for children, perfect for your next fancy celebration.