Handmade With Industry and Good Cheer!

Organic woodland dolls and animals ethically made by artisans around the world.

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Deep in a leafy grove live the clever animals of Hazel Village, happy and free.

We, the people of Hazel Village, try to follow the animals' good example as we make organic toys, clothing, and gifts for children. 


Latest News

Hello, Tiny Friends!

Our latest installation of tiny animals - Cow, Tiger, and Alligator, includes special hand woven baskets by talented artisans in Ghana. Shop the collection now for a limited time!

May is the month of Phoebe Fawn!

For the month of May we will be celebrating our deer friend, Phoebe Fawn. Stay tuned for highlights and watch as Phoebe prepares for the Firefly Ball! ✨

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