A Mysterious Visitor is Approaching the Village ✨

Our next limited-edition animal friend will be arriving on June 21st at 1PM ET. We'll be sharing hints every day leading up to their reveal. Who could this new friend be? Start guessing! 
Hint #1
A little froglet in the dew,
Says soon we'll have a friend who's new
Hint #2

After breakfast, we find a beret

To give her when she wakes - hooray!


Hint #3

Some lunch on fruits, and some on fish.⁠
Some love a creepy crawly dish!⁠
Hint #4
Fast asleep in midday shade,⁠
She dreams of firefly lemonade.
Hint #5
Just woken up and yet so dapper,⁠
Our newest friend’s a glamorous flapper!
Hint #6
Amid the stars and fireflies,
She loves to watch the full moon rise!
You have our confident assurance,
You'll love this little bat named Florence!
Florence Bat and her collection will be available on our website on Wednesday, June 21st at 1PM ET. WELCOME, FLORENCE!