We are simply thrilled to introduce you to our newest limited-edition animal friend, Peter Badger! Peter and his collection will be live on our site on Tuesday, September 19th at 1PM ET. There is a limit of 2 per household for every item in his collection. Limits will be lifted after 2 days for items that remain in stock. 

Peter Badger is a Turtle Society Scout! Quite the fans of turtles, Peter and his friends put on their Turtle Society uniforms and go on (very slow) hikes in the forest, searching for rare turtles and helping keep turtle habitats clean. The Turtle Society motto is, "Slow and steady, turtle-ready!" Lucas Rabbit, aka Pummy, is Hazel Village's most enthusiastic resident turtle scout. Peter has a bit more experience in the field than Pummy does, as well as a lot of know-how about turtles that he is VERY excited to share with his new woodland friends. Read on to learn all about Peter and his turtle-tastic collection!

Peter Badger – $48
Limit of 2 per household 

Peter Badger gets most of his best ideas on hikes. For example, his idea to make a crab apple necklace that was also a snack. And he imagined so clearly what if he saw a rare spotted turtle, and then he saw a real one, just as plain as day!



Comfy Plaid Shirt for Dolls – $14
Limit of 2 per household
Made from beautiful yarn-dyed cotton in autumnal tones, this comfy shirt may be the superlative Village fall fashion. Pair with the matching shorts for a truly prodigious plaid-fit. Long sleeves, cute collar, velcro front closure. Fits any Hazel Village doll or animal.
Leaf Crunching Shorts for Dolls – $12
Limit of 2 per household

Peter Badger reminds us that shorts are appropriate all year round when you have fur. These ones have have a gathered waist, cute cuffed legs, and an overlap in the back so your animal's tail can stick out. The colors in this lovely plaid cotton bring to mind crunchy autumn leaves and toasted acorn cookies. Velcro back closure, fits any Hazel Village doll or animal. 

Fearless Badger Neckerchief for Dolls – $6
Limit of 2 per household 

Jane’s original artwork, screen printed in Colombia onto bright yellow cotton. This neckerchief commemorates Peter Badger’s personal hero: the Fearless Badger of legend. In the stories the animals tell one another, this badger heroine did not let any prickly nettles stand in her way. She grabbed the nettles boldly, and cleared a path for a line of baby turtles. Peter is inspired by her bravery and thoughtfulness.

(If you would like to read The Tale of the Fearless Badger in full as written by Jane, it can be found at the bottom of this blog post.)

Turtle Society Sash + Badges for Dolls – $20
Limit of 2 per household

Bright red sash featuring a tiny turtle patch on the shoulder, and a custom H.V.T.S. button sewn on with green accent thread. Comes with four iron-on patches that your doll or animal can earn as a Turtle Society scout:

  • Forest Hike badge, for successfully completing a turtle-spotting hike
  • Turtle Footprint badge, for spotting hidden turtle trails
  • Sand and Water badge, for maintaining safe aquatic habitats for turtles
  • Turtle Egg badge, edged in silver, for spotting a rare hatching egg!






    Turtle Spotting Set for Dolls – $26
    Limit of 2 per household
    Peter Badger brings his turtle spotting set on every hike. It is very important to have the right tools! Set includes:
    • a magnifying glass for observing the lovely markings on a turtle’s shell
    • a leather satchel embossed with the H.V. Turtle Society insignia and equipped with a handy loop for the magnifying glass
    • a copy of Peter’s favorite reference guide, "Turtles and You". This tiny book features original illustrations of eight different turtles with information about their habitats and behaviors; a glossary of turtle terms; and some extra pages for field notes. Artwork by workshop elf Sara Tanikawa.



    Cozy Turtle Sweater for Dolls – $22
    Limit of 2 per household

    The ultimate item of turtle splendor! Hand-knit from the softest 100% alpaca yarn in a stupendous shade of mustard, with a turtle depicted on the chest in forest green and ivory. Ribbed collar, garter stitched cuffs and hem. Made in Peru. Fits any Hazel Village doll or animal.

    Sunshield Hat for Dolls – $12
    Limit of 2 per household

    Peter Badger tells us that sun protection is very important when you are outside all day looking for turtles. Lightweight cotton in butter yellow with a wide brim, ear holes, and a thoughtful flap to cover the back of your animal’s neck. Equipped with two tiny shell buttons and elastic loops so one can roll up the flap to enjoy the cool breezes. Fits any Hazel Village doll or animal.



    Hip Waders for Dolls – $14
    Limit of 2 per household

    Essential gear for traversing a mucky bog in search of turtles. (One of the first rules of turtle spotting: go where the turtles go.) High-waisted waterproof pants in a swampy shade of olive green, with built-in booties to keep your animal’s paws dry. White cotton waistband and cross-back straps, velcro back closure. Fits any Hazel Village doll or animal.



    Hiking Boots for Dolls – $14
    Limit of 2 per household

    The animals know that proper footwear is important for any hike, turtle-spotting or otherwise. These nifty boots are made from ivory cotton canvas with white cotton binding and brown waxed cotton laces. Caramel-colored leather toe, sole, and tongue. Handmade in Colombia and will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal.




    Turtle Utility Shorts for Dolls – $12
    Limit of 2 per household

    Capacious! Turtle-y! These sturdy utility shorts are made from bright red cotton and feature two roomy front pockets with a cute turtle patch on the left side. Cuffed hems, elastic waistband, velcro back closure. An excellent piece of attire for any outdoorsy adventure! Handmade in Colombia and will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal.


    Turtle Society Shirt for Dolls – $12
    Limit of 2 per household

    The members of Hazel Village Turtle Society wear this official shirt for their s-l-o-w hikes through the forest, observing turtles and turtle habitats. Bright yellow linen stamped with the Turtle Society insignia, and featuring a wide statement collar. Back velcro closure, fits any Hazel Village doll or animal.




    Turtle Shell Backpack for Dolls – $20
    Limit of 2 per household

    Cotton twill backpack in forest green, screen printed with our original artwork based on the eastern box turtle’s shell markings. Velcro closure at top, olive green cotton lining on back and straps. Perfect for holding Turtle Society gear, turtle dollies, picnic lunches, etc. Also perfect for when your animal feels like pretending to be a turtle. Handmade in Cambodia.


    Mini Spotted Turtle – $16
    Limit of 2 per household

    Peter’s baby turtle dolly, Starlight, reminds him of one time when he saw a rare spotted turtle. (It was the best day ever.) Handmade by our artisan partners in Cambodia from organic cotton fabric, with cute hand-embroidered eyes and spots on its shell. The perfect cuddly companion for a turtle-spotting hike.





    Shop Peter Badger and his collection this Tuesday, September 19th at 1PM ET! 


    The Tale of the Fearless Badger

    The fearless badger was going out from her house to pick apples one morning, when she heard a baleful mewling sound, not five minutes from her front gate. And it was a bale of baby turtles, hiding under some dock leaves. They were crying most piteously. “Why so baleful?” Asked the Fearless Badger. They told her they had their first day of turtle school the next day, but they were lost and anyway they were afraid to go over the bridge - they knew Turtle School was on the other side of a bridge, but not where. The fearless badger knew where the turtle school was, and she told the baby turtles she would take them there. So she set off (unfortunately in the opposite direction from the apples) and the baby turtles followed her, all in a line. Soon they came to a thicket of nettles that was blocking the road. The turtles were scared of getting stung, but the Fearless Badger said “Pshaw!” And got out her nettle gloves and cleared a path for them all to pass. When the baby turtles got hungry, the Fearless Badger shared her bread and butter with them, and showed them how to find wild hazelnuts and raspberries. When they came to the bridge, the baby turtles were afraid they would fall down between the slats. So the Fearless Badger told the turtles to cling onto her fur, and she crossed the bridge and brought the baby turtles to turtle school. The whole bale, just as it was getting dark. Safe & sound.