Welcome back, Vera Hedgehog!

SURPRISE! Welcome back, Vera Hedgehog! 🦔💌 Vera will be arriving at Hazel Village this Thursday, August 17th at 1PM ET. She is bringing along some favorite items of clothing and accessories that she has collected since her last visit to the Village. How exciting!  

Vera Hedgehog first visited Hazel Village in the fall of 2021, and stuck around for several months. Some time after she visited the Village, we wound up with a batch of extra hedgehogs. This was a unique situation – as you may know, it is certainly not typical for us to have extra stock of limited-edition visitors! So we had to decide what to do with these extra hedgies. After much deliberation, we decided to bring Vera back this year as a fun surprise. Huzzah!

We’re hopeful that this batch of hedgehogs will be enough for those who weren’t around for Vera’s first visit two years ago, and some extras for those who might want to add another hedgehog to their collection. We will not be restocking Vera if she sells out because our hardworking artisan partners in Nepal are at full capacity making dolls for the upcoming holiday season. 

You might ask, what does this mean for the ‘one returning animal per year’ schedule you are used to? Officially, Maude Squirrel was this year’s returning friend. But anything can happen in the Village and you never know who might decide to turn up, or when! The animals are delighted to have another visit from their friend Vera ♥️

Vera’s mini-return also provided a perfect opportunity for our wonderful workshop elf Sara to design another collection. You may remember Sara’s design work from the Patchwork Collection this past January; she also designed the delightful bug print that was featured in both Florence Bat’s collection and the Toad Time collection. We think she did such a lovely job with this collection for Vera, and we’re excited to tell you all about it. Read on for the details! 💌

Vera Hedgehog – $48
Limit of 2 per household

Vera Hedgehog trundles through the forest with her backpack, looking for good decorations for her hedgehog house. Like colorful leaves, smooth sticks, and snail shells with interesting patterns. “It can never be too frilly,” she declares.




Dahlia Bubble Dress for Dolls – $16
Limit of 2 per household

Vera likes all things frilly, so this cute bubble dress is perfect for her. Pale pink cotton with a ruffle at the collar and a bow at the back. Sleeveless, naturally, so Vera’s shoulder spines can breathe. Voluminous skirt is gathered at the top and bottom to give this dress a spectacularly puffy shape. Velcro back closure, fits any Hazel Village doll or animal.


Village Correspondence Kit for Dolls – $16
Limit of 2 per household

Vera Hedgehog firmly believes in observing the niceties of correspondence. Her ivory cotton canvas mail bag is designed to look like an envelope – it even has a ladybug “stamp” cross-stitched on the back. Triangular flap is lined with heart-shaped sprays of tiny roses, and fastens with a tiny real shell button. This kit includes 10 little postcards for all your animals’ correspondence needs: 2 pieces each of 5 beautiful designs painted by workshop elf Sara Tanikawa. We think they’re utterly charming!



Chamomile Bonnet for Dolls – $18
Limit of 2 per household

Vera says this bonnet is “Timeless, thank you very much.” Ivory muslin gathered in a classic bonnet shape, with a wide brim to protect Vera’s eyes from the sun. Ties in an eye-catching bow at the neck. Brim lining and ribbon ties are a white and gold Liberty of London floral print that reminds the animals of chamomile blossoms. Fits any Hazel Village doll or animal, except maybe the frogs.

Clover Cape and Bloomers for Dolls – $26
Limit of 2 per household

Sometimes Vera has a lot of important things to carry, but she wants to keep her paws free to pick up pretty leaves or interesting shells. That’s when her clover outfit comes in handy! This set includes:

  • Linen cape shaped like a four-leaf clover, in the perfect shade of cheerful grassy green. Each leaf has a pocket to hold tiny animal dollies, or any other trinkets one might wish to carry.
  • Cute matching green linen bloomers. Vera says, “Color coordinating elevates the look.” We trust her.

Fits any Hazel Village doll or animal.


Cabbage Leaf Sit-upon for Dolls – $22
Limit of 2 per household

LEAFY AND MAJESTIC! Vera says that cabbages are delicious and also very beautiful. This cabbage leaf sit-upon is the just the thing for when she finds a particularly pretty picnic spot. Pale green and ivory linen with decorative white stitching. Equipped with a tiny real shell button and a green waxed cotton loop, so Vera can roll it up for easy travel.

Biscuit Baking Outfit for Dolls – $22
Limit of 2 per household

Vera enjoys baking in her hedgehog house so it fills up with tasty smells, and then she has treats to share with her friends. She always wears an apron to keep the flour off her dress. Outfit includes:

  • Lovely pinafore dress in Liberty of London floral cotton lawn, with a white cotton bib and velcro back closure.
  • Dainty yet practical white cotton apron with ruffled eyelet trim and matching Liberty floral band.

Fits any Hazel Village doll or animal who might want to bake some tasty treats with Vera.


Twirling Dance Slippers for Dolls – $12
Limit of 2 per household

Sometimes when Vera is trundling through the forest, she gets inspired to try some fancy twirls. She keeps her dancing slippers handy just in case the mood should strike. Posy pink taffeta with ribbons that criss-cross around one’s ankles and tie in a pretty bow. Will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal.

Mini Hedgehog – $16
Limit of 2 per household

Vera calls her tiny hedgehog dolly Thistles. She says it is because Thistles is prickly, just like her. (Prickly is a lovely thing to be, in Vera’s opinion.) Handmade in Cambodia from tan organic cotton fleece and soft brown terrycloth.

 Shop Vera and her collection on Thursday, August 17th at 1PM ET! ♥️🦔