Phoebe Fawn and her Meadow Music Set! 🎶

Friends, thank you for tuning into our Facebook live this week. If you missed it, we previewed Phoebe Fawn's Meadow Music Set! To end our month of Phoebe Fawn, we're so excited to release this most musical set on Friday, May 28th at 1 PM ET.

The set includes three articles of concert attire: an embroidered wool beret, a purple silk concert shirt, and Phoebe's concert pants. The set also includes a working pan flute, and a songbook filled with music and illustrations. This all comes together in a sparkly purple (Phoebe's favorite color) bag with a golden cord. 

There's more! If you purchase Phoebe Fawn with the Meadow Music set this Friday through Monday the 31st, you will receive $10 off your order! The discount is applied automatically to your order when both the set and Phoebe Fawn are added to your cart.

There are no limits on the Meadow Music Set, which retails for $58. Happy Phoebe Month!