FAN-BAT-STIC – bat-tastic? 🤔 – NEWS! Florence Bat is winging her way to Hazel Village, and will be landing on our site this Wednesday,  June 21st at 1PM ET. We are SO EXCITED to introduce her to you! 🦇♥️

Florence loves to be comfy almost as much as she loves to be fancy, so naturally she is bringing with her a collection of clothing and accessories that encapsulates both. Each piece in this collection will be available for individual purchase, and each has a purchase limit of 2 per household. You can read our Top 7 Tips blog post for more info on purchase limits, as well as our best advice for shopping HV limited-edition launches. 

You will notice that Florence is priced higher than usual, at $54. This is due to her very special wings, which are made from linen and feature hand-embroidered stitching details. What a fancy little bat!

Read on for all the details of this splendid collection! 🌙🌌

Florence Bat – $54
Limit of 2 per household
Sometimes, gliding among the starlit trees, Florence hears the soft wavelets of a forest pool. And sometimes she settles by the mossy bank for a minute, snacking on night bugs and thinking about this and that: her cozy cave, when the moon will rise, her new hat with flowers on it.
Florence's Tufted Bow-Neck Romper – $16
Limit of 2 per household
Florence’s go-to flying around romper is dotted with charming dark blue tufts. She tells us dark blue is her favorite color, since it is the color of nighttime. Ivory cotton and linen blend fabric gives this romper the perfect lightweight feel for moonlight gliding on warm summer nights. Comfy sleeveless top ties in a neat bow at the neck. Gathering at the waist and elastic leg cuffs make a cute bloomer shape with velcro closure at the tummy. There is also a thoughtful tail hole, just in case any of Florence’s friends who have tails might like to borrow it.
Florence's Moonflower Crown – $12
Limit of 2 per household
Florence made her crown from sweet smelling night blooms gathered in the glow of the full moon. She often gathers baskets of moonflowers to leave on her friends’ doorsteps, since she understands not everyone wants bugs. Deep teal silk band trimmed with lush flowers in soft white ribbon and moonlight-y organza. Handmade with love in our Brooklyn workshop.
Florence's Garden Party Beret – $10
Limit of 2 per household
Usually Florence wakes up at dusk, but if her friends are having an afternoon garden party she will get up early to join them. She likes to bring a basket of jam tarts to share – her favorite non-bug treat – and always wears her special hat. Crisp two-tone taffeta in pale green and gold, reminiscent of late afternoon sunlight on the leaves of the present tree. Dusty rose tulle flower is accented with a hand-stitched red center. Very chic, Florence!
Florence's Comfy Hammock – $24
Limit of 2 per household
The perfect size for any woodland friend to nap in, this hammock is made from sturdy ivory cotton twill with a navy blue pinstripe and hand-stitched marigold contrast detail along the edges. Handmade cotton hanger loops in dark blue. Two lengths of three-strand 100% cotton rope are included to help you hang your animals’ hammock around tree branches, furniture legs, or anywhere else you can dream up. Florence often hangs her hammock in a shady grove to gently sway in the sweet summer breezes. Other times she will snooze in the rafters of The Lodge while the animals go about their business below.
Florence's Bug Print Camisole – $10
Limit of 2 per household
BUGS! Sorry, we got a little excited there. This camisole features our original artwork, screen-printed by hand in Colombia in mahogany ink on crisp white cotton. A flattering tribute to crawly-fluttery creatures everywhere. Florence likes dressing up with her favorite things, and she REALLY likes snacking on night bugs. Tasty!
Florence's Bug Print Bloomers – $10
Limit of 2 per household
The original artwork on these cute bloomers features TWELVE different types of bugs! And also a snail, just for fun. Screen-printed by hand in Colombia in mahogany ink on crisp white cotton. Florence likes to wear them while she’s lounging in her hammock or dipping her toes in the lake.
Florence's Woven Satchel – $18
Limit of 2 per household
This basket satchel was handmade by skilled artisans in Peru from traditional palm straw. It has a beautiful weave, a real shell button closure, and a friendship bracelet style shoulder strap in sage green, light blue, dark blue, and white cotton floss. Florence wears it cross-body so she can carry all her important things while keeping her wings free for gliding, and if she sees some moonflowers she can land to gather them
Florence's Midnight Gala Pinafore Dress – $14
Limit of 2 per household
Florence Bat is a GLAMOROUS FLAPPER! Her silky midnight blue dress is perfect for nighttime festivities, such as admiring fireflies while dancing with her friends beneath the glow of the moon. Elegant two-tier ruffled skirt, pinafore-style cross-back straps. Fits any Hazel Village doll or animal.
Florence's Mini Tree Frog – $16
Limit of 2 per household
Florence tells us she named her mini tree frog after one of her favorite things, so naturally its name is Flowers. Handmade by our talented artisan partners in Cambodia, this tiny frog has dark green freckles on its back and golden-brown accent circles on the sides of its face. With an ivory tummy and four excellent froggy legs, its appeal is undeniable!
Florence's Pocket Suspender Leggings – $12
Limit of 2 per household
These suspender leggings are a lovely shade of gray which Florence tells us reminds her of clouds at night. Made from the softest cotton, they also have a tummy pocket so she can snuggle her mini tree frog while she flies. Equipped with a tail hole for any Hazel Village friend who also likes gray and wants to be cozy.
Florence's Cloak of Night – $20
Limit of 2 per household
How striking! How mysterious! When Florence wears this sweeping cloak, she feels at one with the night sky. Jane’s original watercolor artwork is printed on satin fabric that shimmers like moonlight. Black cotton lining, hand-sewn snap closure at the neck. Thoughtful armholes offer free range of motion for Florence’s wings, and a tall black corduroy collar completes the distinguished silhouette. Truly a grandiose piece of attire!






Florence and her collection will be live on our site this Wednesday, June 21st at 1PM ET. She simply cannot wait to meet you! 🌙