Gaspard Duck in Tailcoat
Gaspard Duck in Tailcoat
Gaspard Duck No Clothes

Gaspard Duck

Gaspard Duck was a limited-edition friend who visited the Village from February to May of 2020!

Where he’s from, they have a lot of Ceremonies and Festivities. Gaspard says his favorites are Splish Splash and Friendship Day. But a lot of the festivals are boring - like The Enumeration of the Wingfeathers, or Migratory Consideration Weeks. His legs get itchy listening to the other ducks intone their speeches and toasts, and he imagines diving into cool water and practicing his paddling. He hears the swimming in Hazel Village is first-rate, and he intends to take a dip as soon as the pond thaws. The other animals can't wait to see his moves.


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