A note from the Village


Oh, friends. The Hazel Village animals don't really know what we are talking about here, and we prefer to keep it that way because we don't want them to know such dark and terrible things about the world. But you, reading this, are most likely a grown-up. You've probably seen the news and agree with us that something has to be done about gun violence. Here at Hazel Village, we are donating 10% of sales through Sunday, May 29th to Moms Demand Action, to advocate for public safety measures that would protect Americans from gun violence.

We also want to encourage you to call your senators and your local representatives. Each call stating that you want sensible reforms to gun laws to protect your family and community adds up. Individual and collective action have the power to affect change. You can click the link in our bio to learn more about Moms Demand Action and how to take action. Thank you and back to your regularly scheduled woodland animal content ❤️

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