Juniper Wolf
Juniper Wolf in charcoal linen overalls and sweater
Juniper Wolf in charcoal linen overalls and sweater

Juniper Wolf

Juniper Wolf is one of the 2020 limited-edition Hazel Village friends! *Limit of 2 Juniper Wolfs per customer!*

Most surprisingly gentle of the forest creatures, Juniper roams the high hills and ridges above Hazel Village, camping in lean-tos and dining on forest fruits. But sometimes the thunderstorms of summer get a little too scary for her. So under the full moon, she has trekked into Hazel Village. The animals are sharing their summer feasts and activities with her, and encouraging her to become more brave about thunder. For her part, Juniper is teaching the other animals the finer points of birdwatching and butterfly spotting.

Product Details

If you like, we can personalize your Juniper with a hand-stitched monogram on her heart.

Choose Juniper's Outfit

Juniper can come to you wearing an ivory sweater and charcoal linen overalls. They're removable so Juniper can share and trade clothes with the other Hazel Village animals. You can order her in this outfit or dress her in any of our doll clothes, below - many have matching options for children!

Add Wardrobe Items

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Gift Wrap

Juniper will traipse your way swaddled in a collectible bandana and wrapped in an ivory and gold ribbon.

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