How to Dress Your Doll in the Perfect Outfit

Ella Toad wearing a Persephone Tea Party Dress and Frog Socks
Now that you can build your doll's outfit online, we want to make it easy for you to decide what your Hazel Village friend should wear. Below, you'll find a handy guide with tips and general principles.
Best of all, the animals are all the same size and fully dressable, so you can change your friend's outfit at any time. Read on! 

Don't make it too matchy-matchy, but try to pick up colors

I'm obsessed with trying to coordinate prints and colors without literally using the same fabric. It seems truer to the animals' goofy spirits. One of my favorite gift sets ever was Annicke Mouse in a red bonnet and white linen dress, packed with a feathers swaddle. It didn't clobber you over the head with its matchiness. But it stuck to a classic red, white, and navy palette, with some warm neutrals from Annicke's fur and the ivory swaddle. Lovely! And because it had a swaddle instead of a children's outfit, it was perfect for any size of newborn.

Keep it simple for babies

There's no reason your Hazel Village friend has to sit on a shelf! We make them soft and sturdy from organic cotton, and safety test them for all ages. But let's be real: some of our doll clothes, like tutus and flower crowns, are going to get immediately messed up by baby drool!
Consider dressing a newborn's doll in a simple, washable outfit like a romper or dress. One of our favorite orders lately was a Nell doll, wearing a toffee ARQ set and a twilight bonnet. That outfit would look great on a boy doll or animal too, and you could pair it with a twilight bonnet for babies if you wanted to add something extra.

Opt for neutrals

It's always hard for me to remember this, because I want to add ALL THE COLORS! But usually less is more. Gray animals, like mice, owls, and cats, look great in any nursery. Or you could choose a terra cotta animal like a fawn or fox, for a warmer, more trendy neutral. Then choose neutral dress-ups like our white linen dress, white linen shirt, linen shorts, ivory tunic, or owl feathers romper.
Reginald Fox in an owl feathers romper, with a matching super-soft baby romper, is a winning combination! Then you have plenty of leeway to add a pop of color based on the colors of the baby's nursery, the child's favorite color, or your favorite color.

Pick one half of the color wheel, and stay there

This brings me to my current #1 favorite doll outfit: Phoebe Fawn, wearing a Cozy Lodge romper, a red bonnet, and a tutu if she wants to be more girly. It works, in part, because all the warm colors work together: pink and gold in the tutu, ivory and red in the romper and bonnet, and terra cotta in Phoebe's fur. 
Phoebe Fawn wearing red bonnet, romper, and tutu
You may notice a lot of these outfits have bonnets. It's a problem; I love putting bonnets on animals! Whenever I dress a bunch of animals, I then have to go through and take off half their bonnets because it gets too repetitive and starts to look like they're in some kind of bonnet-wearing cult. But they're SO CUTE in bonnets!
Have fun, friends! We love seeing the outfits you make up for your animals. Post them online with the hashtags #myhazelvillage or #hazelvillage. Now go dress your dolls!