The Perfect Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Max Raccoon with his scavenger hunt list

Max Raccoon, with his scavenger hunt list

Max Raccoon, who knows a thing or three about finding things and collecting them, made a scavenger hunt for his friends. (This time of year especially, the animals take extra delight in watching the world around them carefully: new seedlings coming up in the garden, all the new wildflowers and leaves that grow bigger every day, and nests in the forest with eggs and baby birds inside.)

Max said, “Animals: see how many of these things you can find! If you can’t find the thing, use your imagination and draw a picture of what it might look like: that is the next best outcome.”

Max Raccoon's Scavenger Hunt List

  • A rock that is the best circle or the best square you can find
  • A rock that has sparkles in it
  • A feather
  • A twig shaped like a “Y”
  • A twig with all the bark peeled off
  • The biggest leaf you can find
  • Find a place where an animal lives and draw a picture of the animal’s house
  • A seed pod

Flora Fox with Scavenger Hunt Tote Bag

Flora “quite enjoyed” the scavenger hunt. While she was looking for the things on Max’s list, she also found a little sprig of purple basil for her dinner! It all fits perfectly in her new Scavenger Hunt Tote Bag.

Flora Fox's Scavenger hunt findings

As it happens, today is National Scavenger Hunt Day. You can join in on Max’s hunt, today or any time. If you like, tag your collection on social media with #myhazelvillage.