The Animals Have a Grand Banquet of Welcome

Hazel Village Grand Banquet Illustration
When Peaseblossom Unicorn appeared in the Night Meadow and surprised the other animals during the Firefly Ball, they promised to hold a Grand Banquet to welcome her. Those animals sure do love to entertain! 
It took them a few days to get ready, but now here they are at the Grand Banquet. As you can see, they made Peaseblossom a banner and a sash. She gets to sit at the head of the table. And all the animals have goblets full of blackberry cordial, which they are using to make toasts of appreciation. For instance, Nicholas Bear Cub said, “To Peaseblossom, whose temperament is as lovely as her mane.” What a nice sentiment!
You can see the animals are eating berries, cupcakes, egg salad sandwiches, and a cake that Owen Fox just brought them. Not pictured are some later courses: watercress salad, and peppermint tea and strawberry shortcake from Peaseblossom’s cookbook. 
If you’re curious about the animals’ china pattern here, it was painted by Juliette Rabbit. She says it’s called “Cornflower Fields” and that it took her months to paint enough dishes for all the animals to have a banquet. But she kept going on one dish at a time, and now she is proud of her achievement. 
Peaseblossom thanked her friends for making her feel so welcome. Then it was time to clean up the banquet and go to sleep, because tomorrow the animals are waking up early for the Cherry Festival! If it’s not one festivity, it’s another.