It's Fruit and Nut Festival Season!

Annicke Mouse wearing her apron
Annicke Mouse tells us that when the meadow grass is about as tall as her shoulders, and some of the newly hatched birds are flying out of their nests, and the oak leaves are bigger than her ears... that is the time to take baskets and buckets to certain areas of dappled shade on the forest’s edge, because the wild strawberries will probably be ripe. And that means, it’s time for the Strawberry Festival!

The Strawberry Festival 

So the animals go into the forest together to pick “many bushels, I reckon” of strawberries (their “bushel” is about the size of our teacups, because that is a good amount for them to carry without getting too tired). They eat another few bushels fresh before they even get home. They love strawberries. On the second day of the Festival, they make the strawberries into all the different strawberry things: lemonade, shortcake, pie, jam, and the like. 
This begins the animals’ season of Fruit and Nut Festivals, which go all summer and fall whenever those things are ripe. Coming up: Serviceberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Cherry, Peach, Gooseberry, Hazelnut, Apple, Cranberry, and Walnut.
Hazel Village Fruit and Nut Festival Outfit
To celebrate the season, we made our animal friends a special get-up with everything they need for a busy day of berrying. Quantities are limited, so now is your chance! Get your limited-edition Fruit and Nut Festival set now.