How Peaseblossom Unicorn's Human Friends Welcomed Her

Now that Peaseblossom Unicorn has come to stay at Hazel Village, we have updates from some of the human households she has graced with her royal presence. 

Child with Hazel Village Dolls

Here she is enjoying a tea party, complete with lovely flowers for the table.

Hazelnut Deirdre C.

Here she is having a picnic, or “Meadow Banquet” as she calls them.

Girl with Peaseblossom Unicorn

Here she is communing with her human friend in the forest.

Young Girl With Peaseblossom Unicorn


Here she is taking a walk. 

Baby Sleeping with Peaseblossom Unicorn


And here she is taking a nap. You can see that she would be sleepy after so much activity!

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