Mini-Paintings Inspired by Famous Works of Art - Kid's Craft

Jeremy Owl sat in his painting studio, wondering what to paint. "I haven't a clue!" he said. He thought he might take a nature walk to help him get ideas.
Jeremy Owl getting ready to paint
Just then, he noticed some animal friends in his doorway. It was Zoe, Phoebe, Juliette, and Max! They told him their idea: they wanted to have a painting show in the Lodge. They wondered if he could help them make paintings. 
Hazel Village animals
Jeremy thought that his friends' idea was splendid! 
Jeremy Owl wearing glasses
He had some plain canvases they could use for their paintings. 
Jeremy Owl gets ready to paint
"But first," he said, "we must paint the canvases with gesso." Gesso is a kind of white paint that makes the surface more smooth and beautiful for paintings. The friends painted it on with a big brush. 
*You don't have to do this part if you don't want to, but it really does make the surface nicer. If you don't want to buy gesso specially, you could use any white acrylic paint or water-based house paint. 
Max Racoon paints a canvas with gesso
While the friends waited for their canvases to dry, they looked at some of Jeremy's favorite paintings to get ideas. Zoe especially liked this painting of flowers by Georgia O'Keeffe.
Painting - "Squash Bottoms" by Georgia O'Keeffe
She tried to blend the colors smoothly within the flowers, leaves, and background.
Juliette Rabbit paints "Squash Blossoms" by Georgia O'Keeffe
Jeremy loved this painting of people picking flowers by Mary Cassatt.
Painting - "Picking flowers in a field" by Mary Cassatt
He tried to paint a meadow of flowers with Juliette and Nicholas picking flowers in it. It wasn't going so well. "It just looks like a big green mess," he said. "This is not my day!" He turned his attention to helping his friends.
Jeremy Owl looking at his green painting
As soon as Max saw this painting of colorful stripes by Mark Rothko, he knew he wanted to make a painting like that. 
Painting - "United (Blue, Yellow, Green on Red" by Mark Rothko
Here he is, working on it. He said the hardest part was mixing up the colors to be just right.
Max Raccoon painting like Mark Rothko
Juliette loved these paintings of scary monsters by Hieronymus Bosch.
Paintings - various monsters by Hieronymus Bosch
She painted a monster that was part pig, part dragonfly, part lizard, and part cow. Also it had fangs. How eerie!
Juliette Rabbit painting a monster
Phoebe loved this still life by Fernando Botero. A still life is a picture of objects, arranged together in a beautiful way.
Painting - "Still Life with Newspaper" by Fernando Botero
Here she is making her own version of this painting. She's doing such a nice job!
Phoebe Fawn paints in the style of Fernando Botero
After Jeremy had a little break, he realized that maybe the meadow and trees didn't have to be green. He painted the meadow a golden color, and he painted the sky light blue. The trees were still there, but only a little bit. After that, it was easy to paint in the flowers and the animals.
Jeremy Owl's paintings
Once all the paintings dried, the animals hung them up in the lodge. Then they invited all their friends to their art show! 
Hazel Village animals mini-painting art show