How to Make an Herb Pillow with Phoebe Fawn

In the summer when the herbs of the hedgerow stood high, Phoebe cut bouquets of mint and sage.

Phoebe Fawn wandering outside

She tied them up with string and let them dry under her eaves.
Herbs drying with twine
After a couple weeks, the herbs were crisp and dry. 
Herbs drying with twine
Phoebe crumbled up the dried herbs. They still smelled spicy and good. She decided to make a sweet smelling herb pillow for her friend Lucas, so her friend could smell the smells of summer all year long.
Crumbled up dry herbs
Phoebe asked Ella for some fabric for the pillow. 
Phoebe Fawn and Ella Toad preparing the herbs for the pillow
They picked out two pieces. They cut them into squares of the same size and shape.
Cutting fabric for the herb pillow
They put the two squares together, with right sides touching.
Ella Toad matching up the fabric swatches for the herb pillow
They marked all around the edge with little dots, so they would have a guide for their stitching.
Marking the fabric swatches for sewing
Then they started sewing around the edge. 
Sewing the fabric swatches together
They sewed along three sides of the square, and halfway along the fourth. They left an opening in the fourth side, so they could stuff the pillow.
Sewing the fabric swatches together
They turned the pillow right side out...
Turning the pillow inside out
And they put the dried herbs inside. They used a little funnel made from paper. 
Ella Toad and Phoebe Fawn funneling the herbs into the pillow
Then, Phoebe sewed the last bit of the pillow closed. She used overcast stitches.
Sewing the herb pillow shut
Here is the pillow, all ready to give to Lucas.
The herb pillow is ready!
The friends decided to surprise Lucas. They left the pillow on his chair, while he was out harvesting frogweed.
Lucas Rabbit receives his herb pillow
He loves it! 
Lucas Rabbit, Ella Toad, and Phoebe Fawn