Juliette Rabbit's Fancy Picture Frames

A few months ago, the Hazel Village animals made paintings and had an art show.  Juliette Rabbit so enjoyed that. She actually took two of the paintings home. One is called Flying Monster Pig which she painted herself and is of a flying pig monster. The other was a gift from her friend Zoe Rabbit, inspired by a Georgia O'Keeffe painting. It is of luxuriant orange squash blossoms.

Juliette hung both of these paintings in her parlor, and she was quite happy with them. But after a while, she said, she began to wish they had fancy picture frames, "just to add that touch of refinement." So she decided to take matters into her own paws.

Juliette Rabbit with her picture frames

For the first frame, she took thin wooden sticks and cut them into pieces with 45 degree angles on the ends. Juliette said, "45 degrees is the exact amount of pointiness where if you put two of them together, it will make a square corner. I made a little guide to trace by folding a square of paper diagonally. But I suppose if you must, you could eyeball it."

Juliette Rabbit cutting thin sticks for doll picture frames

Here are the four pieces of wood Juliette cut. She said, "Note how the outside edges of the sticks are a little bit longer than the edges of the painting."

Wood sticks for doll picture frames

She painted the wood pieces with golden paint.

Juliette Rabbit paints wood sticks for picture frames

She used darker gold paint and a tiny brush to add little swirls and flourishes. Juliette is an expert at this because of all her china painting practice. I asked her if she would agree with the statement "Done is better than perfect." She made a noncommittal grunting sound. 

Juliette Rabbit paints wood sticks for picture frames

For the other painting, Juliette traced the edges of the canvas onto a piece of cardboard. She then drew two elaborate outlines, one outside and one inside the shape she had traced. Elaborate means fancy. The outside was a little bigger than her painting and the inside was a little smaller than her painting. 

Juliette Rabbit tracing on cardboard for picture frames

Very carefully, she cut out the outside shape. Then, more carefully still, she cut out the inside shape.

Juliette Rabbit cuts cardboard for picture frames

She decorated this frame with paint, markers, and sequins. 

Juliette Rabbit cuts cardboard for picture frames

Then it was time to attach frames to the paintings. Juliette glued the cardboard frame onto Flying Monster Pig. Then she glued the four wood pieces to the sides of Zoe's squash painting, taking care to line up the corners neatly. 

Juliette Rabbit paints doll picture frames

While Juliette waited for the paint and glue to dry on her frames, she cleaned up. She put the lids back on her paint jars. She put her scissors and pencils away in their places. She wiped up the paint and glue she had spilled, which was not much because Juliette is the tidiest of rabbits.

The glue was still not dry, so the rabbit girl sang a little song to pass the time. It went like this:

Glue, glue, glue -

Nothing else will do, do, do.

Makes it good as new, new, new!

Finally, the glue was dry! Juliette hung the paintings back up. She sighed in relief. Much more refined!

Juliette Rabbit with doll picture frames