How to Care For Your Hazel Village Toys

How to Care for Hazel Village Toys

We love that our dolls and animals don’t just sit on a shelf, but become part of our young friends’ daily lives. Our toys are made for the long haul, with heavyweight organic cotton sweatshirt fleece fur made just for us. But if you take some care washing them, they will be with you longer. Here’s how:

Best Method: Spot Cleaning! 

Use a dish towel dipped in soapy water to wipe dirty spots on your animal. Easy peasy!

Hand Wash, Air Dry

For more pervasive grime on your animal, fill a sink with warm water and add about 1 tablespoon of a delicate detergent like Woolite, or even shampoo! Let the animal soak for an hour if you like, then agitate any dirty areas to get them clean. Rinse well in cool water, then squeeze the water out of your animal by wrapping it in a towel many times. Put your animal somewhere warm and dry until it dries out.

Machine Wash (Last Resort!)

If you must machine wash your animal, use the gentle setting! Protect its neck and shoulders by dressing it in a romper for the washing machine, and putting the whole thing inside a delicates bag or a pillowcase. We definitely don’t recommend machine drying your animal. Instead, set it somewhere warm and dry.

We Can Fix It!

If your animal does get any wear and tear, we can usually fix it! Get in touch for more information about our repair services.

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