Take a Peek Inside Our Workshop

Friends, we wanted to show you how we make Tea Party Dresses for Dolls in our Brooklyn workshop!

Rollling fabric

First, we spread out 12 layers of Liberty lawn.

Tracing dresses

We trace lots of dress patterns onto the fabric.

Cutting dresses

We cut along the traced lines with rotary cutters...very carefully!

Making sleeves

We sew elastic onto the sleeves.

Sewing collar binding

We sew on the collar binding with a special sewing machine attachment.

Sewing on velcro

Sewing tea party dresses

We do the rest of the sewing steps on a regular sewing machine.

Snipping threads

When all the sewing is done, we snip off the extra bits of thread and fabric.

Dressing Flora Fox

Then the dresses are all ready to go! Click here if you want one for your Hazel Village friends.

Cleo with Flora Fox wearing Tea Party Dress in brambleberry

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