Celebrating Egg Day at the Village

In the springtime when the moon was high in the sky, the animals got ready for Egg Day. “First things first,” said Flora, “We can’t have Egg Day without eggs!” So Nicholas helped her fill the wagon with the animal’s best and shiniest work, and they trundled to the farm to trade with the chickens.

Nicholas and Flora gather eggs in the wagon

Chickens love shiny things, you see, and they have more eggs than they know what to do with.  Flora and Nicholas pushed the wagon back very carefully, their new eggs nestled in wood shavings.

Boiling the eggs

In the Lodge kitchen, Gracie boiled the eggs in a big pot of water. It took seven minutes. So she sang the Minute Song seven times.  
The animals  mixed up food coloring, water, and vinegar to make different dye vats for their eggs:
Mixing up the dye
Blue, red, and yellow.
Juliette used a white crayon
They used waxy crayons to draw areas they wanted to stay natural-colored on their eggs.
Jeremy and his masking fluid
Jeremy had something he said was even better than crayons: watercolor masking fluid. He painted designs onto the eggs, and then let the masking fluid dry into a rubbery coating. The other animals weren’t so sure about this though, because the masking fluid smelled bad and they didn’t want to eat those eggs later. Jeremy said the masking fluid eggs could be for him. “That is questionable judgment,” said Lucy.
The masking fluid might not be good to eat!
The animals dipped their eggs into different dye vats. Sometimes they dipped the eggs into more than one to make splendid murky colors.

Jeremy put his in yellow dye

Juliette is dyeing her egg blue!

Here are some of the eggs they made.
nice eggs

This egg has a portrait of Emma Rabbit

When each animal had decorated an egg, Oliver Mouse said, “Other Animals, may I have your attention, please? We will now each pick a card to see who will be the Egg Roller. That friend gets to wear this sash.”

Oliver has a special gift for the animals

Each animal picked a card.

The animals pick cards

Emma got the Egg Card! She was the Egg Roller!

Emma gets the card!

Oliver told her what to do. “Emma, you must wake up very early tomorrow morning, which is Egg Day, and hide all the eggs. Then you must blow a whistle and the other animals will run outside and find all the eggs!!!! As I’m sure you are aware, whoever finds the most is the King or Queen of Eggs. They get a crown naturally. And then we will make the eggs into deviled eggs and have a feast!”

Emma has a sash

Lucas found an egg

Look at Max go!

So that is what they did.

Happy Egg Day!