Making Doll Backpacks for a Trek

Ella Toad hopped over to her friend Nicholas's house, where some animals were getting ready for their trek tomorrow. They were taking a picnic to the High Meadow, and hoping to find berries and cool rocks along the way. 
Hazel Village animals craft doll backpacks
Some of the friends had backpacks already. But Phoebe and Josie still needed some. 
Nicholas Bear Cub with doll backpack
Ella said, "No problemo! I can help you make first-rate backpacks! And I need a backpack as well, so let's make me one too!"
Ella Toad in Firefly Tutu For Dolls
Ella showed her friends how to cut felt into one big piece, and two smaller side pieces, like this. They used felt so they would not have to worry about the edges fraying. 
Nicholas Bear Cub crafting
They sewed the side pieces onto the main piece. Ella used a blanket stitch because she knows how to do that, and she wanted her backpack to be fancy.
Ella Toad sewing doll backpack
Phoebe used any old stitch because she doesn't know so much about sewing. Ella said, "That is just as sturdy, if not more so. Good work, Phoebe!"
Phoebe Fawn with doll backpack
The friends sewed straps onto their backpacks. They used pieces of leather...
Doll backpack craft stitch
...except Josie used pieces of silky ribbon. Lovely!
Josie Chipmump with doll backpack
To close the backpacks, they used pretty buttons. Josie's backpack had a buttonhole cut into the flap. 
Josie Chipmunk wearing doll backpack
Ella's backpack had a button loop made of thread. 
Ella Toad with doll backpack
And Phoebe's backpack had no button, but was tied with ribbons.
Back of doll backpack
Now the friends are all ready for their picnic tomorrow! 
Hazel Village animals wearing doll backpacks
Here is a pattern for a backpack that will fit Hazel Village animals.