You're Invited to the Firefly Ball! 💫

When the oak leaves are at least as big as Annicke's ears, and it starts to get warm in the evenings and the fireflies come out, the animals have a forest party with twinkly lanterns, music, and dances – they call it the FIREFLY BALL!⁠
The Firefly Ball Collection will go live on our website this Thursday, July 14th at 1 PM ET. There will be a limit of 2 per household for each item.  May the festivities commence!⁠ 
Fairy Garden Dress - $14
Satin gown makes your Hazel Village friend look just like a forest fairy: flutter sleeves, high-low skirt hem, flowers strewn all over it. It’s actually a custom print made from Jane’s illustrations of evening blooming flowers. And fireflies. 
Moonrise Minuet Suit - $18
Incomparable! Gold and verdigris brocade suit with an elegant balloon silhouette, finished with a hand-dyed silk ribbon bow at the neck. Just the outfit for inviting one’s animal friends to join one in a stately dance at the Firefly Ball. Wouldn’t you say? Made with care in our Brooklyn workshop. It wasn’t easy working with this fabric, but we think it was worth it. 
Cloak of Night - $18
How mysterious and stately! Deep blue velour cloak helps the animals sweep through the trees on summer evenings, blending into the shadows and thoroughly appreciating the fireflies. Matching satin binding on hood. Real shell button closure at throat has a special finishing touch: the button is sewn on with glow-in-the-dark floss. It’s quite subtle, but if you look very, very carefully in the dark, you will see a tiny speck of glowing light. Just like a firefly shining way off in the distance. 
Firefly Gleam Suit - $14
Perfect for the animals’ most active and twinkly dance celebrations of their friends, the fireflies. Shimmering sequin-covered leotard in a sophisticated shade of champagne gold, finished with a neck ruff. Velcro back closure with an overlap for the animals’ tails to stick out. 
Twilight Tutu - $12
Three layers of tulle in varied shades of the darkening twilight sky, spangled with different kinds of little sparkles. Perfect for the dancers who are twirling amid the shadowy trees during the animals’ performance of “Unicorn Time”. Or so we hear. Pale blue elastic waistband.