Welcome Tillie Goose!

Wonderful goosey news!! Tillie Goose has flown over Hazel Village many a time during her migrations, and the time has finally come for her to land for a visit. Tillie will be arriving on Wednesday September 14th at 1pm ET. The woodland friends are honored and delighted to welcome her. Hooray!
Purchase limit of 2 per household for everything in this collection ♥️
Tillie Goose - $44
Limit of 2
In her goosey dreams sometimes she sees places she has traveled - wide lakes the bright blue of cornflowers, fields ragged with stubble and little leftovers of corn. She remembers the cold high wind on her beak and head feathers, and saying HONK! HONK! HONK! to her sisters.
Tillie's Flight Jumpsuit - $14
Limit of 2
Tillie loves the practical short sleeves and legs of her flight jumpsuit - they give her maximum range of motion when it's her turn at the front of the V. Jumpsuit features a front velcro closure, a spot for Tillie's tail to stick out, and her initials TG embroidered on the points of the collar. So she doesn't forget herself, I suppose.
Tillie's Utility Flight Vest Set - $58
Limit of 2
How does Tillie Goose transport her luggage when she's migrating? In the convenient cargo pockets of her utility vest, of course! Deep red cotton vest, printed with a dainty feathery print, has interior pockets to store all the rest of Tillie's gear:
- A cozy and soft sweater dress with a stylish funnel neck.
- Warm red suspender tights to keep her goosey feet, legs, and tummy warm.
- A red cotton flight bonnet with retractable visor and brown pompom on top.
- A glamorous necklace made of metallic brocade ribbon and finished with a real shell button.
- A long and cozy striped scarf, hand-knit from baby alpaca.
- Perhaps most special, to Tillie at least: a set of four iron-on patches that show some of Tillie's favorite memories from her travels, ready to attach to her flight suit or wherever you and Tillie decide is best.
 Tillie simply cannot wait to meet you!