Welcome RUPERT BISON! 🛷❄️

Rupert Bison is very excited to have adventured to the fine lands of Hazel Village! He will be live on our website this Thursday, November 10th, at 1 PM Eastern.
Friends, we are beyond delighted to finally introduce you to this cozy little guy. Here at the workshop, we've been exclaiming over him for months! This launch will be different from previous Limited Edition animal releases in one key way: instead of a special set, Rupert has brought along a collection of his favorite things. Each item will be available for individual purchase! There is a limit of 2 per household for all 12 items in this collection, including Rupert himself. We're so happy to welcome him to the Village! 
Rupert Bison - $44
Limit of 2
When Rupert makes a new friend, he likes to share a little gift he made. So he keeps good gifts packed in sweet hay in his bag. Like hats he knitted when he had some time to spare, or a little box for his friend’s trinkets.

While supplies last, Rupert will travel to your home wrapped in his own special commemorative bandana!
Rupert's Suspender Cords - $14
Limit of 2 
What a well-dressed bison that Rupert is! Slate blue corduroy pants have thoughtful suspender straps so they don't fall down when a bison is trudging through the snow. Spot in back for Rupert's tail to stick out, velcro back closure.
Rupert's Striped Shirt - $12
Limit of 2
Rupert's walking-around shirt is made from crisp cotton seersucker, white with a navy horizontal stripe woven in. Classic collar, two Velcro closures in front.
Rupert's Party Shirt - $14
Limit of 2
What a colorful and festive party shirt, Rupert! Red-toned cotton calico shirt features a ruffled eyelet lace collar. Velcro front closure. Made with love in our Brooklyn workshop.
Rupert's Party Vest - $14
Limit of 2
Rupert's contribution to the festive party atmosphere of Twinkle Time, besides his sweet self of course, is this extra-twinkly golden vest. Impeccably made by our artisan partners in Cambodia, it's fully lined and finished in front with two real shell buttons.
Rupert's Blizzard-Proof Jacket - $20
Limit of 2
Such a special piece! Light gray heathered wool duffel coat, perfect for keeping an intrepid bison warm as he trudges through the wintry weather. Navy cotton calico lining through the hood, plain muslin binding, two working front pockets for snowy-day snacks. Finished with two real shell buttons and sage green button thread.
Rupert's Party Boots - $24
Limit of 2
Festive yet wintry, Rupert's boots are perfect for Twinkle Season. They're a collaboration with our friends at Sun and Lace, and you can get matching boots for babies and kids. Brown pebbled leather with a cute scalloped edge, natural suede soles, and red cotton fabric laces. Boots fit any Hazel Village doll or animal.
You can get matching boots for kids on Sun & Lace's website on Thursday at 1PM as well! 
Rupert's Homemade Gift Dish Set - $16
Limit of 2
Rupert made this beautiful stoneware bowl and plate to share with his Hazel Village friends this season. We just love these tiny dishes - in reality they're handmade by our new ceramicist friends in Chulucana, Peru. Natural clay color with blue hazel leaves stamped into the clay, and all finished with a clear glaze. Because the clay body is a strong stoneware, these tiny pieces are sturdier than you would expect. Still, we can only recommend them for decorations because we can't do the testing to certify them as food safe. Still, we are very proud of Rupert's new skill!
Rupert's Homemade Gift Socks - $12
Limit of 2
Rupert came to Hazel Village with some lovely homemade gifts he had made earlier in the year. This is, of course, how it is done in Hazel Village. Rupert has learned to knit and has made these cozy sage green wool socks. We are so impressed! Socks will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal. Some, like frogs and owls, will be a little funny though.
Rupert's Chestnut Beanie - $14
Limit of 2
Chestnut red-brown alpaca beanie in a chunky rib knit texture, with ear holes for Rupert's ears to stick out, and a sage green lambs wool pompom on top. Hat will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal, but it looks particularly great on rupert, we think.
Rupert's "Nor'easter" Cargo Sled - $22
Limit of 2
Perfect for dragging all Rupert's clothes and gifts along a snowy path. Brown and cream canvas with red detailing along the zipper, a cotton rope handle, and a "Nor'easter" logo on the back panel.
Bison Sweater for Dolls - $22
Limit of 2
A perfect dolly pullover to commemorate Rupert Bison's visit to Hazel Village! Baby alpaca sweater features a little bison in profile, a big R for Rupert, and some flowers that Rupert tells us are tasty. Button back closure. Hand knit by our talented artisan partners in Peru. Just darling!