Welcome, Charlotte Bear! 🐻

Fast asleep in her cozy hollow tree, Charlotte heard a loud pots-and-pans orchestra. It was the other animals, celebrating Wake-Up Day. Spring was coming! Charlotte woke up, and the animals shared their Springtime Breakfast with her.

Welcome, Charlotte Bear! Charlotte Bear visits Hazel Village as our first limited-edition animal of the new year. Thank you for the warm welcome!

Charlotte Bear launches Thursday, January 27th at 1 PM ET. There will be a buy-all button for Charlotte Bear and her collection here! Please, limit of 2 of each product per household.

Charlotte Bear - $44 (No clothes)

Charlotte's default outfit will be the Calico Sleep Suit paired with the Cozy Sleeping Cap. For Charlotte and her default outfit (bear + sleep suit and cap), she will be $70.

Charlotte's Sleeping Cap ($12)

Just the thing a sleepy bear needs to keep her ears warm, during her long winter snooze. Cozy wide-wale corduroy, a lovely shade of lilac, with matching satin binding and strings.

 Charlotte's Calico Sleep Suit ($14) 


Here's a roomy suit for a snuggly hibernating bear, that is also just as cute as can be! Soft pink cotton with a delicate print of pink and purple flowers. Gathering at neck, wrists, and ankles; tail opening in back; velcro back closure.

Charlotte's Bedroll Set ($48)

Everything Charlotte Bear needs for a long winter snooze in her hollow tree. Fluffy berry red sleeping bag has a cute brass zipper and white cotton lining. Charlotte's gray bunny, "Baby Violet," is handmade by our artisan friends in Cambodia with hand-embroidered details. Set comes packed in Charlotte's white canvas cross-body rucksack, trimmed in berry blossom print, finished with a real shell button and stamped with a tiny portrait of Charlotte. Charlotte says that when she is awake and she doesn't need to stash her sleeping bag in the rucksack, she can store interesting stones and snail shells in there.

 Charlotte's Wake Up Party Set ($48)

Good thing Charlotte packed fancy clothes before she went to sleep in her hollow tree, because the animals' Wake Up Brunch is pretty festive! Party outfit contains a red satin dress with extra swirly skirt; red bloomers with a lovely cabbage rose print; a fluffy, lacy alpaca sweater hand-crocheted in Peru and finished with a quaint little button; a beautiful crocheted collar made from white cotton thread; and a pink taffeta sash hand-embroidered with snowdrops. All packed in a muslin bag. Perfect!

Shop Charlotte Bear for a limited time! Launching January 27th at 1 PM ET.