Welcome Back, IVY GOAT! 🐐

At long last, our dear friend Ivy Goat is returning to Hazel Village! Ivy and her collection will be live on our website tomorrow, Tuesday June 14th at 1pm Eastern. Read on for all the details!!


Ivy Goat - $44

Limit of 2 per household

When Ivy Goat sees the dewy meadows of spring, she runs to them and does a little dance, waving all of her hooves in the air. Her animal friends copy her dance, because they understand her mood.  


Ivy Goat's Dress - $14
Limit of 2 per household

Fresh green linen smock dress has boxy three-quarter length sleeves, cute curved seams on the back bodice, and a natural corozo button closure with an ivy leaf carving. The perfect outfit for exploring new trails and meeting friends new and old. Hand made by our artisan partners in Nepal. 


Ivy's Poke Bonnet - $22

Limit of 2 per household

The perfect way for Ivy Goat to keep the summer sun off her snout, or to carry any choice berries she finds. Toquillo straw, hand woven by our artisan partners in Peru and finished with a pale blue satin ribbon. Bonnet will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal if Ivy wants to share.    


Ivy's Spotted Backpack - $54

Limit of 1 per household

Ivy has traipsed into Hazel Village with an upgraded version of her old spotted backpack. She says the dappled spots help her blend into the dappled shade of a forest trail. Backpack is made of heavy Japanese cotton, with navy linen trim and a real shell button. Backpack contains:
  • Liberty of London cotton dress with a lovely floral print 
  • Ivy’s favorite book, Hero Girls of the Forest
  • Polka dot pantaloons with cute ruffles on the legs
  • Two cotton friendship necklaces that Ivy made - they can be a necklace for a doll or a bracelet for a person. Ivy has a lot of friends!
  • A cozy sit-upon with a hand-drawn illustration of Ivy’s favorite mushrooms, with handwoven cotton backing. 
All these things will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal. And of course, a few of them are meant to be shared!