WELCOME BACK, AUGUSTUS! Augustus Wild Boar first visited Hazel Village in  2019. What a sheer delight it is to see him again! Augustus and his limited-edition collection will be live on our site this Thursday, May 16th at 1PM ET. There is a launch day purchase limit of 2 per household for every item in this collection.
Augustus is bringing 9 items of his favorite clothing and most essential accessories to share with his Hazel Village friends. If you are not yet acquainted with our distinguished piggy pal, read on to get to know him – then you will surely have made a friend for life! 
Augustus Wild Boar – $48
Limit of 2 per household
AUGUSTUS WILD BOAR says he is "quite chuffed" to attend the tea parties of Hazel Village. The other animals aren't sure where he learned that term, because he has never actually been to England. But he is a nice friend and a helpful guest, although he does eat extraordinarily many sandwiches. They've started making extra sandwiches for tea parties, so their friend Augustus can have as many as he wants.
Augustus is handmade from organic cotton fleece. His special details include a cute snout with tiny white tusks; a curly tail; four cloven hooves; a striped brown-and-white back; a soft fringe of bristles atop his head; and navy plaid ear linings. Due to natural variation in fabric, each Augustus doll’s ears feature unique snippets of the plaid pattern. That means no two boars are exactly alike – how special! Augustus is 13” tall, suitable for all ages, and will arrive at your home swaddled in our complimentary gift wrap.
Plum Plaid Overalls for Dolls - $12
Limit of 2 per household
Fetching plaid overalls in a pleasant shade of plum, just like the tasty fruit Augustus Wild Boar often plucks from trees to munch on while meandering. Elastic pocket on the tummy can hold a mini friend for cuddling, or a sandwich for later. Velcro back closure with an overlap for Augustus’s curly tail to stick out. Handmade in Nepal from custom-woven cotton and will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal.
These overalls will be Augustus's default outfit on our site!
Snazzy Embroidered Shirt for Dolls - $14
Limit of 2 per household
The snazziest shirt in Augustus Wild Boar’s wardrobe! A splendiferous embroidered yoke adorns the front, sleeves, and back in chestnut-colored thread. Short sleeved, with a band collar and two real shell buttons. Handmade in Colombia from finely woven white cotton. Will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal.
Sandwich-Making Kit for Dolls - $28
Limit of 2 per household

This lovely goldenrod linen satchel has a hand-embroidered mustard blossom motif, green tassels at the corners, and a cross-body strap made from traditional Japanese striped cotton tape. Carefully tucked inside, you will find:

  • Sandwich Reflections – a recipe book & memoir written by celebrated author B.G. Bristlehoof, and accompanied by charming original ink illustrations.
  • A doll-size cutting board, handmade in India from beautiful Neem wood and inscribed with a helpful sandwich-cutting guide.
  • A tiny wooden spreader for liberally applying mustard to your sandwiches.
  • A 9x9” cotton bandana, screen printed with original artwork of Augustus Wild Boar’s personal hero: Bluebell, Hero-Pig of Yesteryear. Useful as a picnic blanket or a bib for when you are enjoying sandwiches on the go.






Hiking Kilt for Dolls - $16
Limit of 2 per household
This hiking kilt is ideal for Augustus Wild Boar’s rambles and perambulations through meadows, woods, and hills. Augustus tells us he enjoys the feeling of fresh spring breezes on his knee-zes. Quite so! Made from finely woven wool in a woodsy green color, pleated around the sides and back. Wraparound front closure has velcro and a real shell button. Handmade in Colombia, will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal.
Pumpernickel Hat for Dolls - $16
Limit of 2 per household
This charming wool chapeau is precisely the color of pumpernickel bread (a favorite sandwich starter for Augustus Wild Boar). Augustus wears it to keep his head bristles cozy on cooler days, and shield his snout from bright sun when the weather is warm. Trimmed with a narrow braid of earthy colors and finished with a jaunty tassel. With its thoughtful ear holes, this hat will fit most Hazel Village animals. Handcrafted with care by talented artisans in Nepal.
Tea Party Sweater Vest for Dolls - $20
Limit of 2 per household
This smart sweater vest is Augustus Wild Boar’s outfit of choice for attending tea parties. He likes to feel a little dressed up so as to respect the niceties (although he often wears a bib as well, since the sandwiches can get messy). Deep teal, with a cable-knit and bobbled pattern on the front and a single shell button closure in back. Expertly hand knit by our artisan partners in Peru from the softest baby alpaca yarn. Will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal.
Truffle Rucksack for Dolls - $16
Limit of 2 per household
Augustus Wild Boar always travels with his trusty rucksack. It is roomy enough to fit all of his important belongings, with some space left over in case he should find some tasty truffles among the roots of an oak tree. Truffle-colored cotton twill, hand-stamped with an original oak leaf motif. Ivory twill tape shoulder straps secured with an antique brass rivet. Handmade in Colombia.

Sandwich Chef Jacket for Dolls - $18
Limit of 2 per household
Ivory cotton canvas tailcoat with exquisite hand-embroidered buttonholes of parsley and dill – two of Augustus Wild Boar’s most favorite herbs for sandwich-making – and custom mustard-blossom corozo buttons. Sublime! Every sandwich chef needs the proper uniform, so Augustus would be happy to lend this jacket to any friend who shares his enthusiasm for gourmet cookery. Expertly handmade by our artisan partners in Cambodia.
Mini Charlie Dog - $18
Limit of 2 per household
Augustus Wild Boar tells us his mini dog dolly’s name is Charlie. He says, “She has a white tummy and a white spot on one paw, and a very cute face.” We concur! Charlie is made from organic cotton fleece with lovingly hand-embroidered details. (We are quite fond of this mini friend, as she is inspired by a real-life dog named Charlie who is an honorary elf at our Brooklyn workshop.) Handmade by our talented artisan partners in Cambodia.
Shop our visiting friend Augustus Wild Boar and his limited-edition collection on Thursday, March 16th at 1PM ET!