Twinkle Time Collection ✨

The Twinkle Time Collection is launching this Thursday November 3rd at 1PM ET! Five pieces of twinkly doll clothing and accessories perfect for adding some shimmer to your wintertime wanderings. (We know the Squash Beret isn't twinkly per se, but it has festive aspirations!) ✨

A note on purchase limits for this release: the Squash Beret and the Sugar Plum Dress have no limit. The other 3 items (Twinkly Centerpiece Ruff, Candlelight Glow Skirt, and Icicle Crown) have a limit of 1 per household. Thank you, friends! ❄️


Squash Beret for Dolls - $14
No Limit

The animals gleefully present their squashiest hat yet! Green wool melton fabric looks just like a delicious acorn squash. Also like a beret! Gold tulle pompom on top really does look like the tasty inside of an acorn squash. Perfect for celebrating the Squash Festival, or perching atop your animal's head to keep it warm.

Sugar Plum Party Dress for Dolls - $14
No Limit

Soft lilac corduroy dress features two rows of eyelet ruffles on the bodice, cute puffed sleeves, and a velcro back closure. Perfect for winter layering and all the parties of The Icicle's First Twinkle. Fits any Hazel Village doll or animal.


Twinkly Centerpiece Ruff for Dolls - $12
Limit of 1 per household

You know when you're going to an Icicle's First Twinkle festival, and all your clothes just seem too plain and non-sparkling? The Hazel Village animals sure know the feeling, so they were delighted to get their paws on this colorful and twinkly neck ruff! Tones of lilac, cranberry red, and gold, with twinkling and shimmering textures throughout. Fits any Hazel Village animal who wants to look more fancy.

Candlelight Glow Skirt for Dolls - $14
Limit of 1 per household  

The parties of Twinkle Time often have little candles set in a glittering chandelier in the animals' Lodge. This sparkly skirt gives the animals just that feeling. Peach taffeta underskirt and waistband, with a striped silk organza overskirt. Shining tones of silver, gold, turquoise, and lilac. Convenient elastic waist so the animals can eat their feasts without feeling constricted.

Icicle Crown for Dolls - $24
Limit of 1 per household

Some of the animals were skeptical that a hat could be both icy and cozy. But our friends at Craftspring have pulled it off with this majestic felted wool crown. Soft blue and white tones, hand felted into impressive icicle points, and adorned with sparkling glass beads. Handmade with love in Kyrgyzstan.

These crowns were actually made over a year ago, but we encountered some production complications and were not able to release them last holiday season. We're so happy to be able to share them with you now! Due to its handmade nature, this felt crown may have some slight natural size variation. We especially recommend the crowns for mice to keep their ears snuggly!