🐢 Turtle Society Collection 🐢

Friends, Lucas Rabbit is happy to report that our Turtle Society launch happens this Tuesday, February 22nd at 1 PM ET

Additionally, 10% of sales from the Turtle Society Collection will go toward The Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust!

Pummy tells us this collection is limited, so we ask a limit of 1 of each product per household, please! Limits will be lifted after 3 days.

Take a look at the collection below:

Mini Turtle - $16

Lucas’s baby turtle dolly, named Crawley in case you were wondering. Hand made by our partners in Cambodia from organic cotton fabric, with cute hand-embroidered eyes. As you can see, Crawley likes to ride in official Turtle Society overalls cargo pockets, or in a Turtle Society backpack. But he would also like to snuggle with any doll or animal. 

Turtle Helmet - $16

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. In that case I imagine how flattered the real turtles must be when they see the Hazel Village animals hiking slowly along the forest trails, wearing these splendid padded turtle helmets! Bright green organic cotton fabric, fully lined, finished with a Velcro closure and hand stitched eye details. Perfect for any Hazel Village doll or animal who wants to look awesome. 

Turtle Backpack - $20

Cotton canvas backpack, printed with our original artwork based on the eastern box turtle’s shell markings. Velcro closure at top, olive green cotton lining on back and straps. Perfect for holding Turtle Society gear, turtle dollies, picnic lunches, etc. 

Turtle Society Uniform Set - $28

The members of Hazel Village Turtle Society wear this official getup for their s-l-o-w hikes through the forest, observing turtles and turtle habitats. Set includes dark green suspender overalls with large cargo pockets; a dark green cap; and a bright pollen yellow linen shirt. All emblazoned with Turtle Society insignia, of course! Packed in a muslin bag with even more insignia on it. 

Turtle Society Vest & Badges - $20

Bright red vest emblazoned with the Turtle Society insignia. It comes with four iron-on patches that your doll or animal can earn as a member of Turtle Society:

  • Turtle Facts badge for when they learn facts about turtles. 
  • Clean air and water badge for when they help to keep the turtle’s habitat clean. That is especially important for turtles because they are amphibians and can absorb chemicals through their skin (Turtle Fact!)
  • Turtle Foods badge for making sure that turtles have good foods in their habitats.
  • Rare Turtle badge, edged in gold, for spotting an especially rare turtle! 

Shop the collection Tuesday at 1 PM ET here!