✨ The Icicle's First Twinkle is almost here! ✨ Knits preview and more!

Happy Tuesday! The last of our seasonal launches is this Thursday, December 10th at 1 PM Eastern – our holiday knitwear and some sparkly pieces in honor of the Icicle’s First Twinkle! If this is your first time celebrating the Icicle’s First Twinkle, it’s a holiday our woodland friends celebrate when the pond is cold enough to skate on, and the animals have a twinkly lantern ball! This year, the Villagers will be celebrating with some gorgeous shimmery pieces and cozy knits! 

It’s all hands on deck here at the Village, where every human elf has been helping Zack and his fulfillment team get these packages out for the holiday season. With the great volume of orders we’ve received for Clover Horse (thank you, friends! Clover is very flattered by her popularity) we want to let you know that we are working our hardest to make sure these packages arrive in time for Christmas day. Our staff members, from marketing to production, have volunteered to take socially distanced shifts packing and fulfilling orders, as it is the most industrious time of the year!

There will be a limit of 2 per product, with exceptions of the Cat Intarsia Sweater with a limit of 1! Without further ado - we present our collection of cozy knits and sparkling splendor!


Twinkle Ball Neck Ruff - $10

Rose Petal Cardigan - $18


Twinkle Ball First Flurry Tutu - $12

Pinecone Pom-Pom Hat - $14

Snowdrop Pom-Pom Hat - $14

Cat Intarsia Sweater (limit of 1) - $20

Twinkle Ball Romper - $12

Twinkle Ball Snowbank Tutu - $14

Twinkle Ball Fluffy Gown - $16

Pom Pom Cardigan - $20

Thanks, friends! ❤️