The Coziest Collection Yet! ✨❄️

Merino Wool Collection

It's our first collection of the year, and perhaps the Village's softest collection yet. Introducing,


Made with 100% superfine merino wool, this collection provides our woodland and dolly friends the greatest layers for a snowy winter stroll. They were made right here in Brooklyn by our talented team. The Bluebell layers were hand-dyed by Jane herself, and no two are alike! Take a look at the complete collection below: 

Snowy Collection
There are nine individual pieces for purchase in this collection, and a limit of 2 on each piece per customer. This collection goes live this Thursday, January 21st at 1 PM Eastern. Thank you!

Catkin Tights - $12

Catkin Tights

Night Sky Shirt - $10

Night Sky Shirt

Night Sky Pants - $10

Night Sky Pants

Tassel Bonnet - $10

Tassel Bonnet

Witch Hazel Bonnet - $12

Twig Shirt - $10

Twig shirt

Twig Pants - $10

Bluebell Shirt - $14

Bluebell Shirt

Bluebell Pants - $14