Strawberry Festival! 🍓

To commemorate the strawberry harvest, the Hazel Village animals are putting on their berry best outfits and going to the Strawberry Festival! This collection will be live on our website on Tuesday, June 28th at 1pm Eastern. 

There will be a purchase limit of 1 per household for each item in this collection.


Strawberry Harvest Shirt - $14

Oliver Mouse thinks he looks quite buttoned-up in his Strawberry Shirt. Mice, he is told, look excellent in strawberries. This shirt features our berry favorite Rifle Paper Co. fabric, a distinguished collar, and tiny shell buttons.


Sparkle Strawberry Dress and Sash - $20

When Ivy Goat considered what she would wear to the Strawberry Festival, she said each piece had to be inspired by a different part of the honored fruit. This twirly dress has a red linen bodice, decorated with tiny beads, and a most fluffy layered skirt. The apron belt has three felt leaves stitched to a taffeta ribbon. 


Grand Strawberry Crown - $22

Each year, the Grand Strawberry Crown is worn by the animal who finds the biggest berry of the season. Quite fortunate, that friend! This year, the crown was awarded to Lucy Owl. This juicy berry crown is made with of soft red linen and adorned with felt leaves and charming translucent beads.  


Strawberry Blossom Crown - $16

The Strawberry Blossom Crown is awarded to the industrious animal friend who picks the most berries. Made of wool felt flowers and leaves with shimmering tulle pom centers. 


Strawberry Seeds Sweater Vest - $20

Summer knits are a must-have, especially during the Strawberry Festival! This knitted sweater borrows its style from this year's most celebrated fruit. Hand knit by our artisan partners in Peru with baby alpaca yarn.


Simon's Exceptional Strawberry Overalls - $12

When the Hazel Village animals learned that Simon Mouse had nothing to wear to the Strawberry Festival, they said, "Well that just won't do!" They got to work and made him this exceptional pair of overalls. Made with Rifle Paper Co. fabric with a velcro closure.  


Jelly Chef Set - $24

You may be wondering: what will the Hazel Village animals do with all of these strawberries? The answer is simple: JELLY! After the strawberry harvest, Gwendolyn Raccoon put on her very special jelly chef toque and jacket and spends her days cooking up the jellies and jams. She says that a jar of jelly is a very nice present. 

Jelly Chef Set includes a berry colored linen chef's toque with custom JELLY embroidery, chef jacket with shell button, and a wooden spoon.



**Limit of 1 of each item per household please!**