Play Clothes Collection + Welcome Ezra and Claire!


Hello Hazelnuts! We are delighted to bring you this collection of play clothes made specially for your human dolls. And we hope you will join us in welcoming two brand new dolly friends to the Village: Ezra and Claire! ♥️♥️

These items will be available starting on Tuesday, May 10th at 1PM Eastern, and there will be no purchase limit. Keep reading for a full preview! 


Claire - $44

When Claire climbs her favorite tree, she can see lots of stuff. The way the hay grasses shift when a wind comes up; the river; the color of the far hills in different kinds of weather. But when the leaves are big in summer, she says, she can mostly just see leaves. 🌳

Ezra - $44

Ezra wonders how his backyard would look to him if he were a frog. Would Frog Ezra like to sit amid the grass or the clover more? Would the mud be cool and clean? Would he be afraid of Ezra's dog, Sparky? There's a lot to think about. 🐸


Anorak for Dolls - $16

Perfect for your Hazel Village dolly who wants to play outside all day in the spring or fall. Red cotton jacket has white trim on the hood and sleeves. Real shell button closures. Fits any Hazel Village doll or animal. 


Pocket Pants for Dolls - $12

Butternut tan corduroy pants have big side pockets, fully functional of course, for the treasures your dolls or animals find on the go. Little notes their friends wrote them; stickers for later; good feathers and rocks. Velcro back closure is designed for our human dolls who have no tails, but an animal with a small tail could make it work. Tres chic wide-leg silhouette. 


Play Pants for Dolls - $12

Navy cotton pants are an ideal shape for maximum range of motion, but also the dolls and animals can tuck their pant legs into their socks so they don’t get ticks. I guess we should make them some more socks… Velcro back closure, nice solid construction. Designed for our human dolls who have no tails, but an animal with a small tail could make it work.


Skirt Overalls for Dolls - $12 

A great style for traipsing around in the fresh air! Light blue cotton the color of a sunny sky, made into wide-legged shorts, or a skirt that is also pants. Shoulder straps have a cute little front bib to help them stay up. Velcro back closure is designed for our human dolls who have no tails, but an animal with a small tail could make it work.


Chickadee Shirt for Dolls - $10

We never did graphic shirts before now for the Hazel Village dolls and animals - the subject matter had to be right. Like a cute chubby chickadee, for instance. Our Head Elf Jane's original artwork is printed in blue ink on an ivory cotton shirt with Velcro back closure. 


Hazelnut Twig Shirt for Dolls - $10

There’s a lot to love about hazelnuts, Celia tells us. They are so tasty to eat with chocolate and fruit; they are high in protein and fat; and they provide food for many birds and creatures of the earth. We especially believe that last part because squirrels have eaten every single hazelnut ever grown on our backyard trees. Anyway, this shirt is a great way to spread the word about a fantastic shrub. Jane's original artwork of a hazelnut twig, printed in blue ink on a cute little cotton T-shirt. Velcro back closure.


Play Cap for Dolls - $10


When the Hazel Village dolls told us they had a lot of day-long outdoor adventures lined up, we told them to take this hat to keep the sun off their face. Cotton canvas hat has teal cotton on the brim and lining. Shiny red button on top completes the look. 


Backpack for Dolls - $14

Enough room to pack what a dolly needs for a day of adventure. Cotton canvas pack has red trim on the front flap and straps, spotted cotton lining on the flap, a tiny leather handle, and a shell button closure.


Rain Set for Dolls - $24

Classic yellow raincoat with Velcro closure, rain hat, and rain boots. All packed in a muslin bag. These pieces will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal.