Picnics! 🧺♥️

Nothing brings the woodland friends of Hazel Village as much joy as packing up some yummy food, walking out to the Day Meadow, and having a picnic. Arriving on Wednesday August 31st at 1pm ET: the Picnic Collection! 
This collection is comprised of 4 pieces of doll clothing and a Picnic Basket Set. There is a limit of 2 for the doll clothing only, and no limit for the Basket Set (which should stick around through the holidays.) Read on for all the details of picnic goodness - the perfect way to wave goodbye to happy summer days,  and wave hello to welcome autumn! 

Gingham Enthusiast Blanket Suit - $14

Limit of 2

Gingham cotton suit in cheerful red. High necked and long sleeved, this is the perfect outfit for when your woodland friend wants to dress like the picnic itself! In an impromptu game of hide-and-seek, one could simply keep still and blend in with the picnic blanket. Sneaky! 



Cumulus Cloud Bloomers - $10 

Limit of 2

Gingham cotton bloomers in soft grey. Light and breezy, the perfect bloomers to layer under a summer dress, or to pair with a cozy sweater as the evenings grow cooler.   

Pink Lemonade Dress - $14
Limit of 2
 This custom-dyed cotton eyelet dress makes Flora Fox think of her personal favorite picnic beverage: pink lemonade! Featuring cap sleeves and thoughtful embroidery, this frock is sure to delight any frequenter of picnics.
Shepherdess Picnic Hat - $24
Limit of 2

Ivy Goat says, “I recommend this hat for animals who want to pretend that they are a shepherd for a flock of sheep, but pretend the sheep only like things with beautiful flowers and ribbons on them.”  

Palm fiber hat, hand woven by our artisan partners in Peru with thoughtful ear holes, is in fact decorated with two kinds of ribbon! A pale pink satin ribbon goes around the top of the hat and ties under your animal’s chin with a splendid bow. And a ribbon of coral organza flowers forms a fetching hat band. What fancy picnic attire!

Picnic Basket Set - $42
 No Limit
Hooray! A doll-size tea set has been on our wishlist for many years now, and we’re so happy to finally be able to offer it to you. Set includes:
  • Picnic basket, hand-woven from palm fiber by talented artisans in Peru. This is a roomy basket (featuring plenty of space for one's snacks) and has two long handles for ease of carrying along the path to the Day Meadow. These hand-woven baskets have natural variation in color, size, and weave. 
  • Red gingham picnic blanket, handmade in Nepal from organic cotton. Just the thing for lying back comfortably and cloud-gazing, Lucy Owl tells us! 
  • 4 tin doll-size cups and saucers, made ethically in China and decorated with Jane's original wildflower design. Not food safe, but tested and guaranteed safe for play! 
  • A tiny book of Picnic Recipes, featuring 6 of our woodland friends' most favorite treats for eating outdoors. How scrumptious!