Patchwork Collection đŸ§”

The Patchwork Collection will be live on our website this Thursday January 12th at 1PM ET.

Hello friends! Back in September, our local production team was in need of a project to work on. Naturally, we decided to investigate the fabric stash in our Brooklyn workshop for inspiration! Sustainability is deeply important to us here at Hazel Village, so we always save any extra fabric that might be usable for future projects. As you can see in the photo below, the workshop is a treasure trove of special scraps!  

This gave us the idea for a cozy collection that would make use of the materials we already had. And thus, the Patchwork Collection was born! Every single clothing item in this collection was made from 100% scrap textiles. You may also recall that we shared a poll on the Hazelnuts Facebook group asking for your input on which fabrics to choose - we love when a project allows us to involve the Hazelnuts in this way! 

The Patchwork Collection will be live on our website this Thursday January 12th at 1PM ET. There is a limit of 1 per household for all items in this collection. We want to advise you that due to the uniquely scrappy nature of this collection, materials were very limited and quantities are relatively low. We greatly appreciate your understanding about this in advance. Thank you friends - read on for the details!  


Mystery Heart Apron - $14
Limit of 1 per household
One of the great pleasures of being nimble, either as a small business or a small community of woodland creatures, is being able to use small lots of leftovers responsibly. We made as many of these five styles of aprons as we could, using scrap fabrics and bindings left from earlier projects. The combinations of colors and patterns are particularly great. This is luck-of-the-draw; you'll get one of these aprons but we don't know which. The heart shaped pockets are fully functional, of course.



Carnation Patchwork Dress - $16

Limit of 1 per householdï»ż

When the animals found out that carnations are the official flower of January, of course they dug through their fabric stashes and whipped up this flouncy carnation-themed dress. It's a new shape for us, lovingly hand made in our Brooklyn workshop. We used fabrics we had left over from past years - can you spot where? Dress will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal who wants a new look.

Fluff Protector Pinafore Vest - $14

Limit of 1 per household

Annicke Mouse spent the fall gathering bushels upon bushels of milkweed fluff, and now the animals want to stuff cushions and mattresses with it. It's fluffy work, of course, so they whipped up these aprons from scraps in their scrap bags. Reversible crossover style with different woven stripes on each side. Soft organic cotton binding and side ties. Perfect for working with fluff when an animal is wearing corduroy or velvet.

Zigzag Knitted Hood - $20

Limit of 1 per household

Our artisan partners in Peru had leftover yarn and were able to use it for these patchwork-inspired hoods. 100% baby alpaca. Incredibly cute and wintry. Perfect for getting wood from the woodpile, making snow mice, or hunting for the first snowdrops.

Patchwork Suspender Pants - $14

Limit of 1 per household

It's nice to have bright colors to look at during the colder months. These overalls were made in our Brooklyn workshop from flannel, linen, and cotton fabrics left over from earlier projects. So resourceful! Overalls have an opening for an animal's tail to stick out and will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal.

Mini Patchwork Bedroll - $20

Limit of 1 per household

So special and tiny! Teeny little sleeping bag for mini animals has patchwork detailing, a built-in pillow, and a real shell button closure for when it's rolled up. Made with cotton and linen that our artisan partners in Cambodia had left over from earlier projects.




 Baby Maeve Cat - $16
Limit of 1 per household

Gwendolyn Raccoon, ever the devoted collector of teeny cat dollies, was so happy to add this calico cat friend to her collection. She says it's a tiny version of her friend Maeve Cat, who visited Hazel Village one time and they had such a good time fishing and going in tree houses. Organic cotton fleece, lovingly hand made by our artisan partners in Cambodia.

Baby Maeve Cat will be restocking and will remain available throughout 2023. She is the 1 item in this collection that was not made from scrap materials, so we are able to make more! Additional Baby Maeves may be purchased when the limit of 1 is lifted.


For a behind-the-scenes peek into the making of the Patchwork Collection, be sure to read through through this special interview with our workshop elf Sara!