Nut Harvest Collection


Upon feeling a chill in the air, Catalina Mouse gathered her animal friends and set out to forage for nuts. The Nut Harvest Collection includes 6 articles of doll clothing and 2 necessary nut accessories. This collection will be launching on Thursday October 6th at 1pm Eastern. There is a limit of 1 of each item per household. Cozy! Autumnal!  


The red and yellow articles of clothing shown below were made in Peru and dyed by the Shipibo-Conibo people who live along the Ucayali river in the Amazon basin east of the Andes. They specialize in textiles, especially dyeing fibers using natural bark of local trees. The Beechnut Picking Pinafore, Nut Harvest Pants, and Nut Harvest Shirt were dyed with mahogany bark, while the Chestnut Picking Jumpsuit and Nut Harvesting Boots were dyed with bark from mango trees. The red fabric looks orange here, but it becomes red eventually after several cycles of mahogany bark dyeing.