Mini Wolf Pup and Forest Floor Puppy Bed

We heard tell the animals have a new tiny dolly! Meet Mini Wolf Pup 🐺♥️
Mini Wolf Pup will be accompanied by the perfect accessory for all your tiniest dollies: the Forest Floor Puppy Bed! We took note of how much the Hazelnuts loved last year's puppy bed, and knew that we had to create another one for you. 
These items will go live on our site this Tuesday, June 7th at 1PM Eastern. There will be a limit of 2 per household for both items. We anticipate that Mini Wolf Pup might sell quickly, but don't fret - it will be restocking soon! We also happened upon some extras of our older friend the Mini Bernese Mountain dog here in the workshop, so he will be rejoining the dollies along with Mini Wolf Pup. 
Mini Wolf Pup - $16
This darling wolf pup dolly reminds the animals of their friend Juniper. Gray and white organic cotton fleece with hand-stitched details. Bewitching blue eyes. Cute wolfy tail. Limit of 2 per household
Forest Floor Puppy Bed - $20
Back by popular demand, this is a cozy bed for your mini puppies and other mini dollies. It’s handmade in Cambodia from beautiful hand-loomed cotton fabric, made by the artisans of FairWeave with natural botanical dyes. It winds up a muted deep green like the forest floor, dappled with light checks woven into the fabric. Soft cushion with hand-tied goldenrod thread tufts. Two thumbs up, the dollies would say, if they had thumbs. Limit of 2 per household.