January Calendar & Updates!

What a whirlwind of a year, Hazelnuts! We’re so happy to have all of you join along. When I first started here at Hazel Village last year, there were about 300 people in our Hazelnuts Facebook community. Now, we’re growing closer to 800 members in the Facebook group alone. Thank you all for spreading industry and good cheer! We can’t wait for you to see what the new year brings for us all.

Below is our tentative calendar for January of 2021. Of course, dates are subject to change! We’re taking a little break because we’re working most industriously on projects to come. We’re most excited to welcome our new dolly friend, Sadie, who will be joining our human doll friends as a permanent resident of Hazel Village. We'll be revealing her closer to her launch date at the end of the month of January. Stay tuned, perhaps there may be some more surprises coming along this month as well!

An update on Hazelnuts shipping -- starting January 1st, you may notice your free shipping perk will change to a $5 discount off your total purchase. If you see you are still charged for shipping, do not worry! If you take a look at your order total, $5 will have been taken off a product in your order. With this system, Hazelnuts may enjoy free standard shipping, or discounted UPS or Priority Mail shipping. We know USPS has been working hard, but they are a little backed up right now. We want to give you multiple shipping options at a discounted rate for a limited time while USPS gets back to speed. For those who still have packages in transit, we are confident your packages will arrive in due time! Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

Happy New Year, friends! And may industry and good cheer be with you always.