Introducing: The Storybook Collection!

Here's a sneak peek of our brand new Storybook Collection, coming to the Village on Tuesday, June 29th at 1 PM ET. There is a limit of 2 of each product per customer. Thank you, friends!
storybook collection
Princess of the Realm Dress - $16

Billowing Waves Pants - $12

Sea Monsters Suit - $14

Pirate Bunny Set* - $20

Golden Storybook Crown - $8

Storybook Sailor Shirt - $10
*The classic pirate hat is hand embroidered with Fluffy, The Non-Sharing Bunny. Fluffy is a favorite villainous cautionary tale around Hazel Village, because - so the legend goes - he got a lot of nuts and acorns from the forest but DID NOT SHARE THEM!