Hazelnut's First Look: Clover Horse! 🐴

Clover Horse!

Greetings, Hazelnut equestrians! We are so very happy to reintroduce our old friend, Clover Horse! Clover Horse visited the Village back in approximately 2014 for the Manhattan Saddlery, an equestrian supply store. Welcome back, Clover Horse!

A refreshed and redesigned Clover is coming to the Village dressed in her plum cardigan, with a sparkly tulle skirt. The skirt and cardigan can each be purchased separately, with the skirt retailing for $12, and cardigan for  $18. 

Along with Clover comes her special trunk, which includes: 4 embroidered hoof covers, one jingly hat made specifically for Clover and her luscious mane, a cranberry patterned power suit consisting of a collared shirt and matching pants, and a cozy blanket jacket. They will be packed together in a wooden box stamped with the Clover Horse wreath. The trunk will retail for $64, and, if you miss it during the initial launch, will be restocking in a few weeks!

Clover Horse will be arriving to the Village for $44 without her clothes, or $74 if you would like to purchase her in her plum sweater and tulle cardigan! 


Is there a limit for this launch? There is a limit of 2 Clover Horses per customer and 1 of Clover’s Trunk per customer. We’ll play it by ear for limits once the trunks are restocked!

Is Clover Horse restocking? No, Clover Horse will not be restocking. If you would like to purchase Clover, we recommend shopping at launch or within a day or two of launch.

Is Clover’s Trunk restocking? Yes! Half of the quantity will be launching on Thursday at 1 PM EST. The rest of the quantity will be restocking within a few weeks. However, we cannot guarantee that the restock will arrive in time for Christmas. We definitely recommend shopping her trunk during launch time if you would like to gift it for the holidays.

Is Clover’s outfit included in her trunk? Clover’s plum cardigan and tulle skirt will not be included in her trunk. These pieces will be available to purchase individually, or dressed on Clover.

Will Clover Horse be available through your stockists? Clover Horse in the Riverbed Linen Dress will be sold exclusively through Manhattan Saddlery. Clover, Clover’s special outfit (tulle skirt and cardigan), and her trunk will only be sold through our website.