Hazel Village x HV Animal Bonnets!

Hi Hazelnuts – I wanted to drop in and tell you a bit about how our newest collaboration with Briar Baby came to be! Last Fall we reached out to Briar about doing an animal bonnet collection with them. The last time we did animal bonnets was in 2017 when we made super tiny quantities of a lion bonnet, black cat bonnet, and polar bear bonnet. Those were super cute, and we’ve been wanting to do more ever since. Once Briar came back with the styles they were doing for their spring launch, Jane and Crystal got to work! Jane sketched the designs, they worked with our pattern-maker to revise past tiny dolly bonnet patterns, and Crystal began sourcing the linens so that our friends in Cambodia could make them. 


We ran into a bit of trouble with the quantity of fabric for the skunk bonnets and the bayberry jackets. Our artisan partners let us know how many they could make, and when we compared those numbers to quantities of past launches we knew they’d sell out in less than a minute if we were to put them up like we do with normal launches. The Hazelnuts have loved our past raffles, so we’ll be doing that for these limited pieces as well! 


If you haven’t already, you can click here to enter the raffle to purchase these pieces! We’ll be picking winners Tuesday morning and emailing the winners at 11 AM with special links to the products. 


The rest of the collection launches TUESDAY, MARCH 15th at 1 PM ET and there is a limit of 1 of each product per customer. You can take a look at the rest of the collection, including the Hazelnut exclusives, below:

*Indicates HN exclusive

*Baby Skunk Bonnet - $18

*Bayberry Jacket - $14

Baby Lamb Bonnet - $18

Baby Sandy Bunny Bonnet - $18

Baby Pink Bunny Bonnet - $18


Grey Overalls - $10


Plum Pinafore - $12

White Ruffle Dress - $16