Happy February! Hazelnut Calendar & Updates ✨

Hazelnuts, Happy February! It's snowy here in Brooklyn, which is the most magical weather here at our workshop. Oliver Mouse reports that there is a light flurry at Hazel Village, as well.

Here is a little preview of our releases for the month of February. As always, dates may be subject to change. Can't wait for you all to see what's in store for the month! (Note: The Alice + Ames launch has been pushed a day, and will now launch Thursday, February 11th!)

You may be looking at this calendar and asking "but what is the Everyday Acorn Hat?" Allow Nicholas Bear Cub to show you:

The talented artisans from our friends at Craftspring created these wonderful everyday acorn hats for our woodland friends. It's a smaller and more subdued version of our original felt acorn hat from our October collaboration. It's perfect for the woodland creature who wants to express their appreciation for acorns, but not be so flashy about it. The Everyday Acorn Hat costs $20! If you missed out on the original Craftspring collaboration, this acorn hat is perfect for you!